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Talk with fellow gamers here and if you find someone wanting to game, start a private chat to provide the IP discretely by clicking on their name. Also, if you want to game but don’t want to sit around staring at the screen, you will hear a “chirp” when someone posts so turn the volume up and do something else!
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Emulator User Breakdown
- 86 - 7
1. tecmopsycho(12-1)
Last Game: defeated gamehigh, 35-21
2. Green(22-15)
Last Game: lost to coconuts622, 26-21
3. War Machine(4-1)
Last Game: lost to tecmodell42, 14-3
4. rockman(6-5)
Last Game: defeated duecel00se, 37-28
5. dynastydegeorge(6-0)
Last Game: defeated Ickey123, 20-0
6. LuckyTool(2-0)
Last Game: defeated Nostalgia47, 21-7
7. TSB GOD(7-1)
Last Game: defeated oklahoma, 28-7
8. fightdogs321(19-10)
Last Game: defeated Ickey123, 20-14
9. tdfreddie(7-1)
Last Game: lost to mightybombjack, 28-10
10. Cubsfan5150(2-2)
Last Game: lost to purplehaze, 21-14