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ATA League Rules (Do not follow Website Rules)

Postby war_machine323 » Fri Mar 04, 2016 3:11 pm

Below you will find the rules for the ATA league. THESE RULES SUPERSEDE WHATEVER IS LISTED ON THE SITE. Typically, the rules are located on the league website but with the transition to me as commissioner, getting the site updated may take some time. Once the site is updated, I will communicate. If anybody has questions or needs clarification, please message me privately. I will add any clarifications to this post.

Release of the ROMs
• Three ROMs will be released every 10 days for first two ROM releases. Two ROMs will be released every 10 days for the rest of the season. This speeds up the pace from past ATA seasons. If enough games get played, the commissioner will release a ROM early and provide upfront notification. There will be a separate ROM release thread that lists dates and deadlines.
• Failure to complete your 16 game schedule by the designed final deadline will result in not making the playoffs, having a worse draft pick, and possible removal from the league. The commissioner will handle punishment on a case by case basis.
• In the case of back games. It is both parties responsibility to look for one another and get the game in. If necessary use discord or the forum to make it publically known you are making the effort.

• 6 minute Quarters
• Defender speed is MS on INT’s/Fumbles
• In game playbook change hack. Limited to twice per game.
• 2 point conversions! Tecmo has been modernized.
• Push/pull OL/DL hack. (
• Kicker AKB hack. The kicker AKB rating will mean something (currently it does not)
• Fumble in end zone hack. Cheap shot away!
• Tap meter hack (Turboers beware!)

Divisions are set up are through an ATA innovation called the ladder system. You move up or down each season in divisions (top, upper-middle, lower-middle, bottom) based on how you did the previous season. New owners are placed based on incoming skill. Setting up divisions this way keeps highly skilled Tecmoers interested by being in similar divisions which also applies for lesser skilled players. However, play is not limited to division opponents, so 'top players' and 'bottom players' play regularly in non-division match-ups.

The draft will be conducted on the forums and managed through a google doc. There will be a separate draft thread with more detailed rules specific for that season’s draft format. Draft order will be a lottery system, broken into tiers based on the owner's prior record and reputation. Tanking will not assure the #1 pick so don’t do it.

Yes we provide in season trading! Please PM/Email/discord your trade to the Commissioner and have your trading partner do the same. The commissioner will determine if a vote is needed on the trade. All trades are reviewed swiftly. IMPORTANT: The trade will not go into effect until the next ROM release. So any released ROMS will not be retroactively updated with new players.

18/20 team league: 8 teams make the playoffs (4 division winner and 4 wild cards)

Division winners will clinch playoff berths but will be re-seeded by record to determine playoff seeds. We will adhere to the NFL's Tie-breaking Procedures. In the event that some games are unplayed, and this affects the playoff race... the commissioner will weigh various factors (such as effort to play the games) to determine who will advance to the postseason.
There is a one-week deadline to get in each playoff game. If neither owner is making an effort, both are out of the playoffs.

Replacement Owners
Replacement owners must play at least 8 games with their team before they are eligible for the playoffs.


• Quitting is not tolerated in this league. We’ve all reached that point of frustration but remain calm and allow your opponent to get the save state. Don’t be the guy who takes intentional safeties or gives up by doing stupid things. The commissioner will make a judgement on the consequences of these shenanigans on case by case basis.

• Try your best to be a good sport by not insulting your opponent or bombarding the chat box with complaints about how tecmo always fucks you over. DON’T BE THAT GUY.

• This should go without saying but do not use TURBO, play picking programs, or colluding with other owners. The condition checker is allowed! These three things will cause an auto boot for 3 seasons and potentially a lifetime ban.

• In case you ever need to file a complaint, ALWAYS RECORD... for without video proof it's far less likely any action will be taken on your behalf.

Game Play
• All league games may be played in "preseason" (injuries are on in this mode) or typical season mode. The games will be in the week 1 slot.

• RECORD ALL GAMES (via NSV, twitch or some other source). In case of disconnect/desync or if there is a dispute in the game, the nsv is needed.

• The Conditions Checker program is permissible. If you are new and don't know about this program, you might be interested in learning more about it (allows you to see the conditions of all players, offense/defense, on both teams on a separate side window)

• POSITION LIMITATIONS: RBs can play RB, WR or TE without restriction. WTs (WRs & TEs) can play RB, WR or TE... BUT THEY MAY NEVER RUN THE BALL FROM THE RB POSITION. Any player may run the ball on reverses.

• The coin toss should not be skipped unless agreed upon by owners prior to game.

• Use of DL is allowed. Lurching is not allowed. If you want to go after anyone behind the Line of Scrimmage as a DL you must either grapple with an OL or go around the far side of either Offensive Tackle.
• The use of 4th man down is allowed on all kicks.

• With the exception to injury, a coach should only check conditions once per quarter. This is intended to uphold the flow of a game.

• Playbooks can only be changed twice per game

• Onside kicks are allowed at any point in the game.

• An unintentional disconnect requires both players to start another game, and play out the time that remained from the first game. The scores will be added to get a final score. Both players may agree to replay the game as a whole, but only if both parties agree. Both parts of the game will need to be sent in, even if its just the videos.

• An intentional disconnect will result in the expulsion of the offending coach from the ATA. It is considered immature, and will not be tolerated.

• Games must be played out with effort all the time, lack of effort or collusion to help each other will result in the expulsion of the offending coach(es) from the ATA. It is considered immature, and will not be tolerated.

Post-Game Procedures
• Any time after the game, while on the blue screen, hit the save button to save the state of the game.
• The winner of the game will be required to upload the state to the website.
• In order to keep interest in the league, please try to post a game recap (not mandatory). Doesnt have to be a novel but a few sentences detailing the game would be nice to read and keep the other league members engaged in the season.
• Please let us know if you need time away, its ok, its just a hobby, but vanishing without notice can result in getting replaced in the league.

Most importantly, have fun and enjoy the competition. This is why we are here.
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