ATA S31: ROM Schedule, Deadlines, and Consequences

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ATA S31: ROM Schedule, Deadlines, and Consequences

Postby war_machine323 » Sun Mar 27, 2016 12:08 pm

• First two ROM drops: 3 ROMS Released every 10 days
• Remaining ROM drops: 2 ROMS Released every 10 days

Below is the ROM release schedule. Beginning 4/25 you must have played the minimum amount of games by the date given, or you will receive one demerit. Not finishing your games by season deadline may result in a boot from the league.

Date ROMS Released and Minimum Games Played
• 3/29: Weeks 1,2, 3
• 4/8: Weeks 4, 5, 6
• 4/18: Weeks 7,8, 9 (2 game minimum)
• 4/28: Weeks 10, 11, 12 (4 game minimum)
• 5/8: Weeks 13, 14 (6 game minimum)
• 5/18: Weeks 15, 16 (8 game minimum)
• 6/11: **FINAL GAME DEADLINE ****
• 6/12: Playoff Activities Begin

Conditions for Early ROM release
If we ever get to a point where we have less than a week's worth of games (10) unplayed I will release one of the ROMs before the next ROM drop date. The other will still be released on that scheduled ROM drop unless we again get below 10 games not played.

If you get 100% of your games in within the next rom release you will have one demerit revoked. This means ALL of your games, not just meeting the deadline. It's designed to get you caught up in case you fall behind again. Also, the commissioner may boot someone at his discretion for more serious violations of backgame pileups.

1 Demerit: WARNING
2 Demerits: Drop one tier in draft lottery
3 Demerits: BOOT from the league

**NOTE: If you get booted due to demerits or quit mid season for whatever reason, you will not be able to join ATA for 2 full seasons after the current season. I ask that if you're thinking about quitting, to just try to finish out the season. The banishment from the league only applies if you drop out mid season. If you leave during the offseason or after you completed your games for the season, you are welcome to come back at any point.

Current banned list:
Storks- Quit S31, eligible to return season S34
HSRL: Champion 1971
ATA: Champion s29
TTL: Champion s16; Runner-up s14 and s15
NTA: Champion s10

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