Have you been selected as Monday Night Football game candidate?

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Have you been selected as Monday Night Football game candidate?

Postby war_machine323 » Mon Mar 28, 2016 2:23 pm

Hi guys,
We will have Monday Night Football games every Monday which means I will need some cooperation from you guys in order to make this work.

I will be hand picking 4-5 games that would seem Monday Night worthy and reaching out to you guys. My goal would be that I would be able to pick 1-2 from these as far as entertainment value of the game. If you happen to play a very entertaining game but were not contacted by me, then feel free to send to me anyway! It could make the cut if the others are duds!

Here are expectations:

If i reach out to you and your opponent as a candidate, this is what you need to do:
1) Play your game and RECORD NSV! We have seen a bunch of desyncs lately, so if you can screen record without impacting game, that is recommended.
2) After game is over, send me the nsv file and save state of your game
3) DO NOT POST save state to ATA site!
4) I will watch the game and compare it to the other games that people sent me and select which one makes the cut.
5) If you dont make the cut, then I will post save state for you on the site and give you the go ahead to write a recap.
6) If your game is selected, I will communicate to you and then you dont need to anything but wait for your game to air. It is preferred you dont spoil result to anyone.
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