Penn Quakers v. UConn Huskies

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Penn Quakers v. UConn Huskies

Postby averageTSBPlayer » Mon May 24, 2010 8:16 pm

UConn Huskies 21
Penn Quakers 27

Box Score

MADISON, WI - The Huskies traveled to Franklin Field with the hopes of keeping alive an undefeated season. Some luck and heroics for Penn, however, would certainly put a damper on those Husky dreams. A power outage in the stadium certainly slowed down the game for a while, but Penn was able to keep its composure and get the job done in overtime.

UConn started off the game by receiving the kickoff. The Huskies would do a great job of sticking with the run on the drive to get most of their yardage. QB Rob Reale (5/5 on the day) would show off his talents early in this game by hitting a great cross-field pass to RB Jon Bobbit on a key 3rd down. A few nice runs by Bobbit near the goal-line would eventually give the Huskies the early 7-0 lead.

The Quaker offense would take over from their own 15 as the special teams unit could not get anything going. RB Georgios Hudson looked like the running backs of old at UPenn while he would break tackles to bail out the offense. A key 3rd-and-ten looked to be stopped short of the first down marker until Hudson broke free to get the 15-yard run. QB Denver Hendrix would get bailed on one play where he threw to his RB out of the backfield. It looked certain to be an interception, but RB Derek McCartney would do a great job to make the catch. Georgios Hudson would eventually cap off the drive with a 20+ yard run to make it 7-7 into the second quarter.

Kick returner Brent Novacek would then punish the weak Penn special teams unit as he would return the next kickoff to the Quakers' 23-yard line. With a little under 2 minutes to go in the half, the Huskies were in a great position to score. UConn ran on it's first play to get to 6-yard line, and Penn made what seemed like a terrible mistake by not calling timeout. QB Rob Reale would then punish the Penn defense on the next play by finding star WR Sterling "Sharpe" Rice to make it 14-7 with 1:03 left in the half.

Kick returner Derek McCartney took the return back to 33 and left 0:27 on the clock for the half. With one chance left, QB Denver Hendrix dropped back deep and waited for WR Akieem Hoagland to run his fly route. One huge chuck of the ball looked to be overthrown, but Hoagland jumped right at the goal-line. He ended up landing in the endzone with the ball in his hand. 14-14 at the half.

Penn received the second half kickoff and started what appeared to be a clinical drive. Four plays yielded about 80 yards as Hendrix and Hudson showed their talents. However, the Husky defense looked stout and stopped the Quakers to 9 yards on the 3 plays. On 4th-and-1 from the 5-yard line, the Quakers decided to try for the first down. The Husky defense was in the backfield as soon as the ball was snapped and Hudson could only lose a yard.

QB Rob Reale then decided to just dominate on the next drive. A few scrambles by Reale would get UConn some breathing room deep in their own territory. Then, two great passes would just pick apart the Penn defense. TE Brent Novacek would continue his huge day with his 66-yard TD reception to give UConn the 21-14 lead. Unfortunately for UConn, this would be the last time they would touch the ball on the day.

Penn started the 4th quarter with the ball on their own 11 while down 14-21. A few runs by Hudson and a few short passes to McCartney would keep the Quaker drive alive as the Husky defense seemed to know what Penn was calling before Penn knew. QB Denver Hendrix would get bailed again; this time it would be TE Efrain Hull who would pull down the 40-yard diving CC. A few runs by Georgios Hudson would get Penn to the 3-yard line with 1st down and 2:06 on the clock. QB Hendrix would get sacked for a 4-yard loss. On 2nd-and-7, Hendrix would drop back to throw the ball to an open Hoagland in the back of the endzone. However, before the ball could get half-way to the receiver, the power in Franklin Field would go out.

After a 15-minute delay, Penn would get the ball again on the 7-yard line with around 1:30 on the clock. This time, the power wasn't lost, and Hendrix hit McCartney out of the backfield for the TD. 21-21 with around a minute left in the game. Penn's kickoff would see Novacek return it to about the 40 before he coughed it up! Penn recovered the fumble with 0:03 on the clock. However, K DeQawn Burkhart could not handle the pressure as his kick bounced off the upright and missed. 21-21 at the end of regulation.

Just like all good and respectable sports, the game would come down to a coin flip. Unfortunately for the Huskies, it was Penn that would win the coin toss. Penn's overtime drive wasn't terrible, but wasn't the most elegant piece of offense. Two passes to covered receiver were luckily (for Penn) just knocked down instead of intercepted. A key run by Hudson would get the Penn offense to the 10, and another pass to McCartney would seal the fate for the Huskies.

The ECC just got a bit more exciting as all six ECC teams have a loss now. One can only hope that the ECC doesn't beat each other up and out of the National Championship game :(

Penn definitely got the better luck in this game as some incomplete passes could easily have been intercepted by the UConn defense.

Arncoem, it's a shame we had that disconnect. It certainly killed the flow of the game. Good luck the rest of the way!
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Re: Penn Quakers v. UConn Huskies

Postby arncoem » Mon May 24, 2010 9:23 pm

nice recap-

The power outage and 15 minute delay to get the generators filled w/ gasoline and power returned to the field took a toll on the Huskies, not just the down time sitting on the sidelines, BUT TE/KR specialist Brent Novacek who fumbled the kickoff return w/ 10 seconds left on the clock for his 1st fumble of this season was confirmed to have spent 10 minutes in the U of Penn's female locker room w/ 4 Penn cheerleaders, a 1/4 of an ounce of marijuana along w/ a hooka smoking device and 2 midgets (male)- this story broke after the game by ESPN's reporter Erin Andrews who was incognito wearing the Uconn Husky Dog's costume in the locker room and also took part in the festivities by letting the 2 midgets hump her dog costume's legs..strictly to break the story- no other reason she swears and is now the front runner to win the Pulitzer Prize after letting the midgets do such to her.

In a press conference Sunday morning Novacek admitted to all of counts he was accused of and admitted that if he had stayed w/ the team during the power outage he would've been clear minded and either gone out of bounds close to field goal range, or he would've held onto the ball and not fumbled..he takes the blame and isn't making any excuses...BUT he was dumbfounded that it was ESPN's Erin Andrews in the dog costume as he couldn't believe she would let the midgets play the "peanut butter game" w/ her playing the roll of the dog just to gain access to the locker room's freak frenzy - all by candlelight since the power was out!

The Huskies are now 7-1 on the season and have 2 games left this season, week 9 vs Holy Cross and week 10 vs Syracuse. A loss in either game will count the Huskies out of the national championship game hunt (if didn't already w/ this loss) and possibly a chance at the team's 1st ever bowl appearance. A loss in both will most defin. have the Huskies watching the bowl games from their couches, same as they have the past 7 seasons.
A tuff 2 week's of game left that will either go down as the best season in Uconn's history or the biggest collapse and will be saying for seasons to come "what could've been"

GG BTW Average, was a good game regardless and GL in your quest to win back to back ECC championships!

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Re: Penn Quakers v. UConn Huskies

Postby slim_jimmy7 » Wed May 26, 2010 2:25 pm

Here is the video fellas, sorry for the delay, the "power outage" kind of caused havoc for the video crew too. ... f_the_Week

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