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Postby TecmoAhmad » Mon Apr 19, 2010 10:14 pm

Hello all TecmoAhmad here and week 2 looks to be a great week in the TFL. Could a powerhouse of last year go to 0-2, could Mig start off like he did last year and continue his prophecy, and could a up and comer finally show his worth. Here's my take...

LIONS @ DOLPHINS I was surprised to see Oracle go into San Diego and still some points from Chunger. At the end of the day Oracle knows this game and should have a good chance at the division title and he'll be fighting against Tecmoro and his Lions. Ro looked sub par against the Champ last week, but really I don't expect much from teams that face the 'One', however Ro did put up some decent numbers and I look for him to really challenge Oracle. These two had a great playoff game last year which became the trash talking extravaganza of the playoffs which saw Oracle eat his words with a late fumble which cost him the game. Ro has built a strong team this year and I look for him to spilt this series with Oracle this year and yes each will win away from home. Lions in the heat by 7.

PATRIOTS @ EAGLES Tecmoflames has yet to play a game this year as Td has gone to Mexico and was unable to play their home opener. I really like this guys chances this year, he was a throne in everyones side last year and this year I look for him to lay the hammer. Although Vo lost his first game I was impressed to see his boys fight until the end and almost come back to win the game. Marino vs Farve, this should be the barn burner everyone is expecting and I don't see this as a low scoring game. Big difference in this game is the Pats running game, Emmitt will drive Vo nuts and have him trying to guess what Flames will do next. Flames, yes the FLAMES will take this game by 3.

BEARS @ 49ERS It looks like Poso had a tight game last week against the Giants but I wouldn't know for sure as no RECAP was written. Barry still burns every team even though we all know it's coming, Young wasn't great in his first win with the 49ers but he lead the team to a W. Rafenator is great, yes great, I love what he's done with his team and I think his skill is improving with every game. He knows how important this huge home stand is for him as he went through it last year but these few on the road will be the difference. Rafe has too much and will take Poso to the cleaners, Bears by 14.

BROWNS @ GIANTS Tdmortgages is in la la land and will be in tough all year. He has become a professional in making Pina Colodas and Marghritas and hasn't given tecmo much thought. The Browns are still one of the best teams the TFL has to offer but the owners unwillingness to fire Tdmortgages has cost this team dearly. Savi was unable to beat the 49ers last week at home and will HAVE to win this game or face going 0-2 with both games being at home. Randell has already come out and asked to be traded as he feels Savi's O doesn't take advantage of his skills, rumour has it that the superstar has been linked with the Cowboys and Tecmomig. Both teams are stacked and this looks like it can be an entertaining game, Savi has to win, the Giants by 2.





The last time these two players met was in the playoffs semi final of last year where 'The One' smashed the Bolts 42-0. Chunger was in shock and had a sour taste in his mouth for the rest of the evening, critics have said that loss affected his draft selections that evening. 'The One' had a walk in the park last week in the Super Bowl rematch where Chunger suffered an early loss to Oracle. Kosar who has been the surprise starter for the Cowboys this year, looked great connecting on over 70% of his passes and tossing 4td's. Eric Dickerson played a big role for the Cowboys with only 11 touches was able to come up with 166 total yards and a Td. To think that I'm not even mentioning Jerry Rice should be very scary for all teams in the TFL. The Cowboys D was solid in all areas and only surrendered a late Td when the game was all but complete, Deion stepped up big breaking up numerous passes and adding in with 9 tackles. We caught up with Primetime this week...'Primetime will always be ready! I love this team and coach Mig, he's put me in charge of the D this year and I plan to come through for him.' Chunger will have to come up with his best game to beat "The One' and if he thinks he can pay like he did last week he'll have to be picked up from the hospital after the beating. Marion Butts rushed for 117 yards last week on 11 rushes, Butts rushing for 117 yards is no big deal as we expect it from him but only 11 touches is I think what cost the Chargers. If Chunger wants to get back to form he better give the rock to Butts all game, the only way they have a chance against 'The One' is if Butts touches the ball 20 times. Everett who is known as one of the most accurate passers in the TFL only connected on 40% of his passes last week, he'll have to be a leader this week and I think he will. Everett will throw a bit but when he does I see it being the long ball, can't imagine Deion allowing these passes to go through so it will either help him win the game or pad Deion's stats. If 'The One' is able to pull this off I really see his statements becoming true, 'THE PERFECT SEASON' The Cowboys will be 2-0.

Week 2 deadline is Thursday April 22, 2010.

I'm TecmoAhmad, this is the TFL and I'm out!

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