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Postby TecmoAhmad » Thu Dec 16, 2010 11:50 pm

Hello all TecmoAhmad here and the TFL is alive and well. The live event at Tecmomig's house the other night was a success and with only a few games left to play in the season thing are getting tight. Here's my take...

DOLPHINS @ LIONS Tecmoro has gone a-wall but something tells me after his exams are done he could cause the Mountain Conference into another twist that sees him crawl into the playoffs. A must win game for the Lions as Oracle and his Dolphins have been yawning since week 3, Lions win with a roar.

EAGLES @ PATRIOTS Tecmovo has been hoping this season would end four months ago as the birds wings have been clipped and feathers plucked...gobble gobble, gobble gobble. Flames could see himself in the playoffs and maybe even in second place after this game, Pats by 10.

49ERS @ BEARS The first season of the TFL i was impressed with Tecmoposo even gave him a fancy name, The Portuguese Bomber after his last second heroics in a few games. The Bomber has turned into a propeller plane barely getting over the small hills in the Mountain Conference, he's lost his luster, he has nothing except BARRY. Rafe looks great one week and then dismal the next, one thing is for certain he has brought Moon back to his early days while playing for the Cowboys. Rafe will win this game at home by 14.

GIANTS @ BROWNS This will be a great game to watch live, Td has a good lock on a playoff spot and Savi should be able to drink his way into the playoffs as well. Both players have exceptional teams and will pull out all the weapons in this matchup. Savi will drive Td crazy running all over the place with Randall but look for Td to counter with a pass heavy attack that throws Anderson in at just the right time. Browns look good at home, they'll win by 10.





This game is always big, Chunger has been the only one to really give 'The One' problems but the last couple of meeting the Cowboys have destroyed the bolts. The last two games these two have faced off against each other the Cowboys have scored 86 pts compared to the Chargers 7, total domination. Butts has been contained and Everett has looked more like Chris than Jim. 'The One' will be unbeaten when these two face and it was Chunger who broke 'The One's' unbeaten streak last year, so with this we thought we would talk to Chunger and see if he could do it again...
...'of course i can do it, Mig is nothing, he has nothing, Butts will steamroll that whole team this week. Deion is slow and Everett will throw all over him. Did i mention I have a new computer, haahhaa, Mig's streak is ended again by ME, ARE YOU READY? HAAHHAAAA...'
I tried to get a hold of 'The One but he was unavailable for comment. At the end of the day I think this game will be close but Chunger has no chance to end 'THE STREAK' of 'THE ONE', Cowboys win on the road by 14.

I'm TecmoAhmad, this is the TFL and I'm out!

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