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Postby TecmoAhmad » Fri Dec 17, 2010 12:10 am

Hello all TecmoAhmad here and the final week of the season will secure all playoff spots, here's my take...

LIONS @ COWBOYS Ro better hope he doesn't need this game to fluke out and make the playoffs after a terrible year. 'The One' becomes the first player in the history of the TFL to go undefeated during the regular season, Cowboys by a bunch.

CHARGERS @ DOLPHINS This would be a great game if it actually meant something to Oracle, Chunger will win this game and secure a spot in the playoffs, Chargers by 3.

BEARS @ EAGLES Congratulations to Tecmovo the season is finally over and the Eagles and yourself can finally decorate the draft war room, Bears by 14.

BROWNS @ PATRIOTS This game really deserves to be the game of the week as this game could be a game that sees one of these great players enter the playoffs and the other being left out. Both teams have great Qb's and a stud running back but the Browns have the better D, the game will still have a lot of scoring but look for Anus to come up with something big. Browns will win this game in OT by 3.




49ERS San Francisco 49ers 49ERS

These two always seem to have great games against each other, most likely because their both gay. Randall vs Barry and more importantly playoffs vs a date with Tecmovo in the draft war room. This game like the others will come down to who has the ball last, and it wont be an amazing drive to seal the win, rather it will be a 75yd hail mary or a 65yd field goal to win the game. This will be the first year the TFL has teams not making the playoffs and both teams may be in or OUT, I see both of them just missing. Niners win in a nail bitter.

I'm TecmoAhmad, this is the TFL and I'm out!

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