Tennesse Volunteers vs. Penn Quakers

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Tennesse Volunteers vs. Penn Quakers

Postby averageTSBPlayer » Thu Sep 02, 2010 4:48 pm

Penn 17
Tenn 00

Box Score

MADISON, WI - Both Penn and Tennessee came into this Week 2 match-up with 1-0 records. Coming into this game, Coach AveragetTSBPlayer and Coach Slimstud7 had only played one another once in the past. The Quakers were able to hold off the San Jose St. Spartans by a score of 31-3 in that one. Penn looked to repeat that type of performance while Slimstud looking to seek revenge for that loss from a few seasons past. It would be a solid Penn defense, however, that would hold strong and lead their team to victory.

The Quakers would receive the opening kickoff and look to get started on the right foot. RB Derek McCartney would get the drive started with a few seven yard carries to get a first down. Penn would take three plays to get its next first down with Hendrix using his feet. The Volunteer defense would play tough defense and make it difficult for the Penn offense to get any big gains. Tennessee's bend-but-don't-break defense eventually broke, however, as QB Denver Hendrix was able to RB Javier Ramos in the endzone to make it a 7-0 game.

Down by 7, QB Jonathan Crompton would step on the field looking to lead his team to their second touchdown of the year. The Quakers defense would be exposed early on the drive as Crompton would find an uncovered WR Antrel Dillon for 45 yards. This would be Crompton's only completion on the day. A few plays later, Crompton would take off running for a few yards. He would get drilled and lose the ball, but it would luckily find its way of out of bounds. On the very next play, though, RB Bryce Brown would make sure that Tennessee would lose the ball. This time, the Penn defense was able to recover the fumble it caused.

Up by 7, QB Denver Hendrix looked to lead the team to a two-score lead. Four incomplete passes early in the drive were able to go unpunished because of a few McCartney runs that were in the mix. A few more incomplete passes later, Penn was faced with a 4th and 11 situation. Hendrix stayed on the field and looked for the pass. TE Efrain Hull would run a ten-yard route and stop. Hendrix hit the open man, and Hull would have to break a tackle to get that extra yard for the first down. A few plays later, McCartney had what would have surely been a touchdown if he broke the one tackler on the play. The Tennessee defender would come up strong and bring down McCartney. Penn had to settle for the field goal before the half to make it a 10-0 halftime score.

Tennessee's opening drive in the second half looked promising as RB Bryce Brown was able to get some good gains by running the ball through the middle of the Penn defense. This tactic eventually set up a good play-action pass. The Quaker defense bit on the run and WR Gerald Jones was left wide open for what should have been a touchdown. Unfortunately for the Volunteers, QB Crompton was unable to hit the open man on the key third down play. Deciding to go for it on fourth down, Crompton would get picked off in the endzone by DB Jimmy Ikegwounu.

Penn's next drive would start with a big run by McCartney. Hendrix then decided to test the waters deep with a toss to WR DJ Suezo. It looked to be a sure touchdown with Suezo beating the cornerback, but the safety was able to get to the spot. It was apparently not an issue for Suezo as he would catch the ball anyway to put Penn inside the five. McCartney would punch it on the next play to give Penn the 17-0 lead late in the third quarter.

Tennessee would try to move the ball quickly on their next drive to give themselves hope for a comeback. However, Crompton would be unable to march his team to a score. After the turnover on downs, a few runs and passes by the Quaker offense would seal the game.
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