rock vs usf

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rock vs usf

Postby Opus » Sun Oct 10, 2010 7:18 pm

rock 24 usf 21

Some boneheaded coaching decisions almost cost the rock their winning streak as we barely hang on for the win against a tough bulls squad. Two kick return TDs by Kirk Locke were huge and kept us in the game. On a 4th and 1 up 7 late in the game inside the bulls 20 we opt to go for it and get stuffed. 2:32 left in the game and there is a 4th down again for the rock up 7 around our 35. I go for it like a tool and get stuffed again, Bulls punch it in with 1:20 left. Locke gets a reasonable return, then Bird hits a WR for a CC to get to the bulls 40. Kicker comes on and splits the uprights for the win.

The Rock pushes their winning streak to 31 straight.

gg disc

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