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1. You are allowed to control any player at any time. If you control a player on the line (in a 3 pt stance). You must grapple with a player first or run around the tackles. You are not allowed to dive if you use a player ont he line. Doing so will be cause for forfeit.

2. Only RB's may take handoffs on plays designed for RBs. You are free to place players anywhere as long as they don't violate this rule.

3. Onsides kicks are allowed at any time IF YOU ARE TIED OR BEHIND.

4. You must use the player designates with KRPR as their last name as your kick and punt returner. If and ONLY IF he gets injured you are allowed to substitute any player.

5. You may not use the 4th man down on FG's

6. Do not skip the opening coin toss.

7. PLEASE TRY not to burn clock. The games are long enough as is and you won't be able to durn much actual time the way the playclock is structured.

8. Please continue playing the game even if you are getting creamed. If you can't handle losing with one of your shitty teams. Please quit the league now.

9. Have fun!


1. You are allowed 4 total changes. Examples:

a) Check/Change your players after every quarter. Change your playbook once
b) Change your playbook 3 times at any time during the game. Check/change your players once.

Please do this as quickly as possible. If it seems to be slowing down the game too much I may revisit this rule.


1. If cheating is suspected, you will be permanently banished from the league. DON'T CHEAT. Turbo will have less of an effect but please don't use it or any sort of play calling program.

2. If it appears you can't get your games in a timely manner without a reasonable excuse you will be booted.

3. You make the league un-fun for anyone else or you give me good reason to.

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