round 1 ind vs saints

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round 1 ind vs saints

Postby joeygats » Fri Sep 17, 2010 1:05 am

not on the computer it was played on at the moment, so no vid for the time being. what a defensive battle this game turned into. final was 17-6. but game was never in the bag for either team. gg bg gl next season..on to dal
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Re: round 1 ind vs saints

Postby bgboud2 » Mon Sep 20, 2010 1:15 pm

I guess it may take me 10 years to win a playoff game (not counting the TSBL psuedochampionship).

I misfired a couple of times not passing to an open deep receiver, but when I did make the right selection in key plays in the 4th quarter, the ball was either over or underthrown to wide open guys. I guess Garrard played to his numbers on the off target throws (38pc) while one pass in coverage wasn't picked off (50 ap vs. 50 int). Also a big thanks to Mendenhall for staying in bad and getting injured. Gats lost a fumble late in 4th to give me a chance to drive for a winning TD but offense was nothing without run a threat.

I led 6-3 until the 4th when my play got called on 4th and 1. No he didn't cheat; he earned this game. gg

Gats, when are you gonna upload the state? If I have to watch that vid again and do it myself I will be p*ssed.
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