Vikes over Steelers

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Vikes over Steelers

Postby mn55056 » Tue Nov 02, 2010 12:33 am

Week two from the Homer Dome saw an offensive explosion from the Vikes versus the Steelers. Getting the ball to start MN begins chucking it around. Both Moss and Clayton had 2 tds and Henne threw for 70% and 280 yards.

It was 21-0 MN headed into half when Henne threw a pick on a 5 yard out. Pitt capitalized on that and got 7 going into half. Coming out of half on a long 3rd down Pittsburgs Cutler, w/ his Brister like attributes, throws a 100 mile per hour JJ 60 yards downfield and before you know it we have a little game here 21-14.

With Moss in bad he is slid down the depth chart and Ted Ginn comes in at WR 2 and Clayton moves up top. Claytons underrated speed allows him to get open for a 50 yard TD and the Vikes go up 28-14. At this point Pitt self destructs with a very costly fumble. MN makes quick work of it and makes this a 35-14 game. Cutler, on another impossible 3rd down, throws another Nolan Ryan JJ for a TD and its 35-21 but that's all we'd have. Tomlinson ran in a TD and the Defense scored one as well to put it away.

When it was all said and done, Pitt put up over 300 yards of O against the Vikings D and only gave up 280, but sometimes the stats don't tell the whole story.


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Re: Vikes over Steelers

Postby kujjaquaq » Tue Nov 02, 2010 12:39 am

vikes outplayed the steelers. I had one too many turnovers and the steelers lost their rb in the first half. Well played, the better team/player won.

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