Week 12 Boston Breakers at Michigan Panthers (CRAZY!!!!)

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Week 12 Boston Breakers at Michigan Panthers (CRAZY!!!!)

Postby kamphuna8 » Wed Jul 13, 2011 4:41 am

The Boston USFLBREAKERS squad entered the Pontiac Silverdome to face a determined Michigan USFLPANTHERS squad eager for some retribution after a week 5 loss at Boston. The USFLBREAKERS were trying to get ahead of the USFLPANTHERS in the loss column as the inaugural Revamped USFL season heads toward the home stretch.

Both teams enter this tilt with their starting RBs injured. The Best That Never Was (but IS in Tecmo USFL) Marcus Dupree was out for the USFLBREAKERS while the USFLPANTHERS were missing starter Ken Lacy and backup RB/KR Cleo Miller. Both teams also had adequate backups, the USFLBREAKERS with Buford Jordan (56ms) and Richard Crump (50ms) and the USFLPANTHERS with John Williams (50ms).

Michigan won the toss and kicked. Boston hit a big play to an open WR Nolan Franz, who had torched Michigan in the previous game. Then John Arnaud made an incredible diving interception in front of TE Dan Ross to give the ball back to Michigan.

Michigan is forced to an immediate 3 and out punt which was a touchback. Buford Jordan starts the drive with a 20 yard bust, then... FUMBLE! The ball goes out of bounds. Jordan totes the rock again, gets 7 and then... FUMBLE! AGAIN! ON BACK TO BACK plays! This time John Arnaud makes another play and scoops up the pigskin rumbling down to the USFLBREAKERS 30. Michigan is again held to a 3 and out, this time settling for a FG. Boston LB Ben Needham swoops in for the FG BLOCK. On 1st down, the last play of the 1st quarter, USFLPANTHERS stud LB John Corker blitzes for a 19 yard sack.

To start the 2nd quarter, Buford Jordan takes the 2nd and 29 toss sweep left for 35+ and a FIRST DOWN! Next play, Johnnie Walton is under duress. He steps up to avoid the rush and uses his weird shotput delivery for a JJ TD to TE Dan Ross, who high steps past the uber late diving man defender Corker. 7-0 Boston.

After a 1st down quick strike from Bobby Hebert to AC, the USFLPANTHERS are held to a 3rd and long. Hebert drops back on 3rd down and tries to scramble to move the chains. For Michigan fans, I've got some bad news and some bad news... and then some more bad news. First, the scramble was short, then Hebert won't get up, bring in the trainers and backup Whit Taylor. Finally, the Panthers decide to go for it on 4th down just shy of midfield, and the QB sneak is a picked play for a turnover on downs. After a couple of successful Jordan runs, Johnnie Walton finds Nolan Franz again, this time for a TD to put the USFLBREAKERS up 14-0. As he sees the ball hurtling toward the wide open Franz, who has KILLED the USFLPANTHERS again and again this season, the owner of the Panthers seriously considers putting a hit on Franz.

Michigan gets the ball back with 28 seconds left... time for one, maybe two plays before the half. Trying to get a quick first down, they call a toss sweep but John Williams FUMBLES!!! The Breakers' DL Larry McClain scoops it up and tries to score. Luckily for Michigan, the last second of the half ticks off right after McClain is brought down. It's 14-0 USFLBREAKERS at the half.

Michigan coach says Phuket! and goes for the immediate Hail Mary to start the 2nd half. His prayers are answered as AC pulls in the single coverage CC at the ten with man defender Joe Restic draped all over him. After a picked play run, John Williams takes it in to cut the lead to 14-7 USFLBREAKERS

After an unsuccessful onsides, the Panthers are able to force the USFLBREAKERS to a FG attempt. Corker just misses the block and K Tim Mazetti sails it right through, USFLBREAKERS 17 - USFLPANTHERS 7

On the ensuing drive, Michigan again goes for the hail mary on first down again, but Whit Taylor overthrows the diving Derek Holloway. 3 plays later, the Panthers have a 4th and 2 at their own 22. Michigan goes for it and the Tecmo Gods grant a gift. Holloway, seemingly covered as he leaves the screen, ends up getting open and making a diving catch on a deep ball as Whit Taylor is forced to get rid of the rock under heavy pressure, giving Michigan the ball at the Boston 37 to start the 4th quarter.

Next play is a shotgun quick strike score to TE Mike Cobb to cut the lead to 3. This time an accidental onsides kick fails giving the Breakers the ball at midfield. Unfortunately for Boston, it seems like all of its offensive players are in bad condition to start the 4th quarter save for 1 or 2.

Boston gets 2 first downs on their first 2 plays, both shotgun pass 4s, and they're in business at the Michigan 25. Michigan's D Coord calls the right plays on 1st and 2nd down. On 3rd and 9, Boston calls Shotgun pass 4 and everyone is open as the Michigan DC guessed run incorrectly. The Breakers went for the win tossing it in the end zone but LB John Corker shows incredible makeup speed to deflect the ball in the back of the end zone. After much contemplation, Boston goes for 3. This time Corker doesn't even let the kick get off, tackling the holder at the 31 for the turnover on downs. After a short run, John Williams is finally able to get loose, running for almost 30 yards. Next play, Whit Taylor finds AC for the diving catch in the back of the end zone to put Michigan up for the 1st time in this one, 21-17.

After a decent return to the 25, the USFLBREAKERS have 48 seconds left to score a TD. First down is a called play 14 yard sack by Corker at the Boston 10 yard line. 38 seconds left on 2nd down. Corker is crumpled at the line of scrimmage but John Banazak gets some much needed pressure forcing Boston to throw early. TE Dan Ross is open and gets the JJ with a defender diving just short. Ross runs out at about the 37 with 10 seconds left. GAME TIME! THIS IS WHAT YOU PLAY FOR!!! Michigan DC picks the right play and its incomplete as time runs out!!! USFLPANTHERS 21 - USFLBREAKERS 17

With Hebert and Lacy out, many Panthers stepped up. Corker with 2 sacks and a blocked kick and key pass deflection. Arnaud with the early pick and fumble recovery. Whit Taylor filling in nicely for the Cajun Cannon. And finally, the receivers AC and Derek Holloway making the key catches when it counted. Stars for the Breakers included Dan Ross (4 rec - 135yds 1 TD)and the Panther Nemesis Nolan Franz ( 3 rec 78yds 1 TD). Michigan is now 10-2. Boston falls to 7-3.

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Re: Week 12 Boston Breakers at Michigan Panthers (CRAZY!!!!)

Postby runninwithdabear » Wed Jul 13, 2011 2:28 pm

Sweet Game.. Tough one for the Breakers.. That's our USFL!!!
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