Week 16 Philadelphia Stars at Michigan Panthers

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Week 16 Philadelphia Stars at Michigan Panthers

Postby kamphuna8 » Fri Jul 29, 2011 5:52 pm

These two powerhouse rosters meet up in this tilt (same matchup as the original USFL's first and last Championship games) with both teams in 2nd place in their respective conferences. The USFLSTARS entered the Pontiac Silverdome with a 9-4 record while the USFLPANTHERS were 11-4. Michigan wins the toss and elects to kick. Philly starts with a couple of Kelvin Bryant runs and then a couple of passes to Scott Fitzkee and the USFLSTARS are at the Michigan 30. John Corker says "this is some boosh*&t!" and wrangles KB in the backfield for a 5 yard loss. USFLSTARS QB Chuck Fusina sees Willie Collier open as he's streaking into the endzone, but USFLPANTHERS safety David Greenwood gets there in time to "KNOCK IT DOWN!" 3rd and 15 from the 35 and it's a BLITZ. Fusina sees the called picked play (R & S Pass1) and calmly tosses it to Collier who makes a triple covered CC for the FIRST DOWN! Next play, the USFLPANTHERS gamble that it's KB run 3 time, leaving every option open for Fusina on the pass play. Fusina decided to hit the safe dumpoff to KB for 5. Michigan sticks with the no KB run 3 plan, and this time it's right on, resulting in a 3rd and 9 from the 19. Fusina finds Collier open in the middle of the field and man controlled Greenwood does the dreaded dive from WAAAYYY too far away, and Panthers coach Kamphuna is resigned to the fact that it's gonna be a TD but... the drones catch Collier at the 1 and the clock runs out on the 1st quarter.


1st down is another Corker instigated KB tackle in the backfield for a loss of 2. 2nd down and Fusina tries to scramble in. Greenwood catches him at the 2, Fusina breaks his tackle, but Greenwood's attempted tackle enabled the attack of the drones, which results in a Fusina fumble out of bounds. The USFLPANTHERS dial up the R & S Run 1 blitz and KB is tackled for a loss at the 6 yard line, and USFLSTARS coach Runninwithdabear decides to go for the 3 which puts Philadelphia on the board 1st.


Michigan starts its first drive of the day at their own 11. On their 1st offensive play of the game, the Cajun Cannon Bobby "Hey Bear" hits TE Mike Cobb over the middle and Cobb makes a nifty move past the safety and as he's brought down after 20 yard gain he FUM-BLES! The USFLSTARS pick it up and return it to the 20 with just under 3 minutes til halftime. Philadelphia is riding MVP KB hard, hitting him on a dumpoff for a 1st down at the 9, then giving him the run 3 toss, but this time it's called, and it's 2nd and 14. Fusina drops back to pass, and tries to sneak it in to KB but Greenwood is there to knock it away. On 3rd and goal from the 14, Fusina tries to hit Dunek in the back of the endzone, but he threw it where noone could catch it. Philly decides to go for 3 again. On the FG attempt, Corker busts through the line like a man possessed and has a shot at the block, but David Trout splits the uprights and it's...


Michigan starts it's 2nd drive of the game, and in fact its 2nd play of the game after the fumble last go round, with only 45 seconds left before halftime. A Ken Lacy toss sweep gets a 1st down and some space. Then Hebert hits speedy Derek Holloway on a quick strike just past the diving coverage and Holloway YACs it to the Philly 25 running out of bounds with 2 seconds left. Michigan goes for the same play but the USFLSTARS sniffed it out, forcing Hebert to dump it off to Lacy who scrambles to make it to the sideline, and for good reason as he puts it on the carpet as time runs out. Philly had to have dominated the time of possession as Michigan has had only 4 offensive plays in the 1st half.

Halftime score 6-0 USFLSTARS

In the locker room during halftime, Anthony Carter, inspired by his recent reading of the classic Kenny Powers book "I'm the CEO. You shut up!", rails into his teammates and tells the Cajun Cannon that if he doesn't throw to him on the first play that AC will break his throwing arm. The USFLPANTHERS return the 2nd half kick to the 8 yard line, and Hebert does as AC tells him to, hitting a wide open Carter who just has man defender Woerner displaying his makeup speed to beat. AC pulls a couple of sick jukes and houses it. One play, 92 yards, a Panther lead, and the piss poor 1st half is a distant memory.


Two plays into Philly's next drive, the no KB run 3 plan backfires on Michigan, and Fusina has all options open. He hits Collier on a deep route and the USFLSTARS are inside the Michigan 40. Then as Michigan goes away no KB run 3, what does Philly call... KB run 3. KB MVP takes it into the red zone. Then the USFLSTARS decide to pass, and the usually open dumpoff to KB is covered. Fusina scrambles right, but the pressure gets to him. Corker dives in and strips the ball and recovers it. USFLPANTHERS ball!

Hebert finds Holloway open over the middle for a 1st down. Ken Lacy then busts one to the USFLSTARS 25. Philly picks the same shotgun play as Michigan, and Hebert, more afraid of AC's wrath than the incoming rush, heaves it up to AC at the goal line, but it's knocked away. Then Hebert sees AC open again and tries to zip it in there before Woerner can get there. Woerner barely gets there, but AC makes the catch anyway at the 2 and the clock runs out on the 3rd quarter.


Hebert starts the 1st quarter overthrowing Ken Lacy into coverage in the end zone, luckily avoiding the snatches. 2nd down is a called Lacy run 3 and a loss of 4. The USFLPANTHERS go right back to run 3 and Lacy is able to negotiate his way into the endzone for the 6 and the 2 score lead.


USFLSTARS coach says there goes the game... and the playoffs, and USFLPANTHERS coach reminded him that this IS the USFL and anything can happen and nothing is decided. Lo and behold, Philadelphia has their own 1 play drive, as KB houses it in one play after breaking the man grapple tackle attempt and crossing the goal line with just under 3 minutes left in the game.


1st play, Hebert sees RB John Williams open over the middle but it's inexplicably incomplete (oh yeah, it's Tecmo). Michigan tries to run it up the middle with Lacy, but only are able to manage 4. 3rd down has everyone covered deep, Woerner patrolling the open short route guys, and the USFLSTARS pass rush is hot on Hebert's heels. The USFLPANTHERS QB is forced to play the Tecmo version of Russian Roulette as coach Kamphuna is happy with him at least avoiding the sack. The chosen route is the deep one to Holloway, but he's covered and the ball bounces harmlessly away. 1:32 left and it's decision time, as both offenses have shown they can score in just one play. Since they are inside their own 20, Michigan reluctantly punts.

Harvin zigs and zags on the punt return and is able to get it out to the USFLSTARS 30 with 46 seconds left. Fusina has a choice between two open guys, Fitzkee long and KB short with Greenwood somewhere offscreen. Fusina goes to KB and gets the ball just shy of midfield. Next play is a picked play blitz with Ronnie Padgett getting the sack. 13 seconds left from their own 41, Fusina goes for the double covered (triple if you count Greenwood) Collier, who makes the JJ at about the 30 and leaves the two drone defenders eating dirt after missed dives. Greenwood is protecting the endzone as the cavalry is coming and it works, as Collier is dive-tackled by a drone at about the 20 and the USFLPANTHERS win!

Great Game Runnin, GLRW
cool as high water

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Re: Week 16 Philadelphia Stars at Michigan Panthers

Postby runninwithdabear » Fri Jul 29, 2011 6:24 pm

Awesome review bro, you captured our game perfectly... AC torching our Defense coming out of the locker room was a killer!! But like you said it wasn't over and we had a shot at the end, great game!!
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