Week 17: Bandits @ Stars

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Week 17: Bandits @ Stars

Postby runninwithdabear » Fri Jul 29, 2011 7:56 pm

Week 17 USFLBANDITS (elway41177) @ USFLSTARS (runninwithdabear)

The USFLSTARS come in with the same mindset as last game, win and we get in, controlling our own destiny is how we like it.. That was the message that was preached in the locker before Kick off..

USFLBANDITS win the toss and kick to the USFLSTARS on the first play of the game Fusina deals, he hit Collier at around midfield he shakes and bakes his was all the way down to the USFLBANDITS 15 yard line.. On the 3rd play of the game Fusina hits Bryant at the 15 and he bobs and weaves his way in for the TD, 7-0 USFLSTARS.. The USFLBANDITS would pick up one first down but then be forced to punt.. The USFLSTARS would march down the field again with a combination of passing by Fusina and runs by KB, they would stall at the 10 and settle for the FG and the 10-0 Lead at the half..

On the opening drive of half number two the USFLBANDITS would move the ball into USFLSTARS territory but would miss the FG attempt off the uprights.. The USFLSTARS would use what was left of the 3rd quarter and 2mins into the 4th quarter KB would catch another short pass and take it the distance, TD USFLSTARS their lead is now 17-0.. The USFLBANDITS would get a JJ and move the ball down to the 10 yard line of the USFLSTARS but qb Reaves would be smothered on a called play and fumble the rock back to the USFLSTARS with 2mins left in the game... The USFLSTARS would have been fine running out the clock here but with the USFLBANDITS utilizing their time outs the USFLSTARS decide to just run the Offense.. Which would lead to another score this one by KB on the ground.. KB would score all 3 TDS on the day for the USFLSTARS two through the air and one on the ground and continue his quest for league MVP Our final score would be USFLSTARS 24 USFLBANDITS 0

GG Elway GLRW...
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