Draft Recap and Predictions

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Draft Recap and Predictions

Postby tecmoaddict » Tue Oct 25, 2011 2:23 am


Best pick: Bo Jackson & Marcus Allen: 75 ms at RB. Bo is dirty, and he also has a 56 RB as a backup. Very good pick.
Worst pick: TDO had a pretty good draft, but his OL is not good, so I have to pick them as his worst pick. A fast Bo plus great WR's help cancel this out. TDO's record: 8-6


Best pick: Neal Anderson & Brad Muster: Neal is a beast at RB, and the HP hack helps him with his sick speed. Great pick here
Worst pick: TB WR's. Carrier is good, but not much else. Having Young helps, but still having balanced offense would be better. Onedog31's record: 7-7


Best pick: 49er's WR's. Rice and Taylor plus Brent. Best tandem at WR in all of Tecmo. Very nice
Worst pick: Cle DL. Beter DL group around. Only error of a good draft. Rice will beat me twice with junk all day, so this won't matter
Tech's record: 10-4


Best pick: Christian Okoye & Barry Word. 94 HP at rb? This could have been 1st overall (and my 1st overall pick)
Worst pick: KC backups. Not that bad, but could have been better. Much better draft Greg.
Season prediction: 5-9

Best pick: Joe Montana. Best QB in the game. Wanted Okoye, but didn't fall to me sadly. Great replacement though. Can throw to anyone.
Worst pick: I'd say my RB's, but I chose the better of the two that were left. I could say Raiders DL, but they are stout and give me a dirty front 7. Chiefs DB's are respectable, so I will go with my slow RB's. I have a backup to help cancel this out.
Addict's record: 9-5

Best pick: Bucs DB's: I had Haddix last season, and Haddix is money. No one has guts to throw to him. He catches almost everything. Solid people around him.
Worst pick: Bucs LB's. Tampa is the team, Tampa has best pick, why not say they have worst pick? The LB's are terrible, but worst LB has ITL record for sacks (thanks to good playcalling and Tecmo BS for worst LB getting thru and getting the sack).
Shiny's record: 8-6

Best pick: Rams WR's: They are 2nd best WR's and are horrible to stop for any DB. Great pickup here. Coulda gone Bears DB's, but I like Ellard and Anderson at 81 and 75 REC
Worst pick: Browns RB's: Good HP, but both are slow, and Metcalf is slow and weak. Could have been better here, but still great draft and great team.
Kujj's record: 9-5


Best pick: 49er's DB's. Great pick here; has Lott and Waymer who are studs. Good QB's are in this league, unlike ITL, but still makes me think twice.
Worst pick: Dan Marino. Good worst pick to have, but 6 MS and decent WR's. Doesn't have Clayton and Duper going to him.
Sega's record: 6-8

Playoffs: Tech beats Shiny for the final
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