CLE @ ARZ -- The Great Escape

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CLE @ ARZ -- The Great Escape

Postby Ones11fahzu » Fri Mar 09, 2012 5:52 pm


CLE receives and hits a long pass to the ARZ 30ish. A few plays later, they are banging home a FG, 3-0 CLE. 2nd play of the game, ARZ best WR, McCardell, goes away injured. Eventually, ARZ is stopped on downs in CLE territory. CLE throws the INT to Harper, and we're right back where we were a few minutes ago. With time ticking down in the half, and facing a 3rd and 20+, ARZ runs just to get some yards and bang the FG before half. However, 15 yards down the field, Barber fumbles, and CLE recovers. Now would be a good time to mention that Plummer, Barber, Moulds, and Crumpler were all BAD at this point in the 2nd quarter....and they would stay BAD the enitre game, minus Pummer, who went back to AVG in the 4th. CLE launches a deep ball before half to no avail, 3-0 CLE at halftime.

A GOOD BJ Askew and his 81 BC of course put the opening kickoff of the 2nd half on the ground, and CLE recovers. One play later, 10-0 CLE. BAD Plummer and BAD Barber get a couple 1st downs, then get a lucky play called JJ to Gonzo, one of only 3 non-BAD players on O for ARZ. Later in the drive, 4th and 2 from the CLE 20ish is converted, and CLE held strong a few plays before relenting the TD, 10-7 CLE. CLE goes 3 and out after a couple deep balls that apprently a GOOD 81 INT Reed would have to be content with batting away. ARZ gets is back with about 3:45ish to go. They drive it to the CLE side of the field, and on 3rd and long only Gonzo streaking to the endzone is open. CLE defender cuts the coverage a little short, and Plummer gets it over him to Gonzo for the TD, 14-10 ARZ. 1:40 to go.....long run by Martin to mid-field....couple deep balls that Reed has too high of INT to do anything with...another 1st down at the ARZ 30ish as we near 0:30 to go....ANother deep ball, defended by Wesley/Thornton this last heave...batted away again as time expires...

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