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Competitive league for players with less than six months online experience.
Upper and lower divisions.
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Get Your Games In

Postby Gio » Fri Aug 01, 2014 7:41 pm

Everybody should have receieved the instant messages I sent to the group regarding how to save games.

It is very simple. The winner of the game goes to Dynastyfile and clicks SAV under the game they have just played. You find the stat file that you saved at the end of the game and upload it there.

Some of you may be having trouble contacting players in the league. Check the contact info in this forum on how to contact people.

Stork and I are very easy to contact. Our AIMs are and nickstro15. We are on a lot.

Some people have their AIM set to appear offline, but if you send them a message they may be there, or at least will respond to you the next time they log on., rob22u2, ryanatbonner, and hankdewild are generally online a fair amount and should be kind of easy to contact is not on much but I think he can receive your messages. If it says he can't, you can message me too and I'll text him to get his ass online and play.

hbkchitown also appears offline sometimes should be able to receive your messages.

AIM: Nickstro15

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