TB vs SEA X2

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TB vs SEA X2

Postby bruddog » Tue Jul 22, 2014 4:35 am

KR mike evans was the star here ripping off two long KR's in this game. However SEA's D tightened in the redzone and i took the points both times up 13-3 before half SEA connects on a long JJ to harvin and momentum is down the drain and its 13-10.

Mike Glennon attempts a pass before half and its a diving pick by sherman but SEA is out of FG range and the next pass att goes no where. Harvin get a long runback but this time I hold for a FG and its 13 13. SEA has me at 4th and long at midifeld. I am in no namns land so i go for it and get redeemed by the tecmo gods as mike evans hauls in a JJ right between the two sea defenders. 20-10. I get a stop and score and put the game out of reach. SEA gets safetied accidentally trying to TB as they did not know that you had to press a button.

Evans had almost 200 yards on 4 kr's

TB 29 SEA 13

Things look good for SEA early as they score on their first drive and stop me on mine. But things turned around quickly as TB dominates the 2nd and 3rd qtrs for 28 pts. THey would catch SEA on 3-4 flea flickers for long gains usually for TD's. Lynch goes in as a WR for SEA and gets some garbage time yards. But this came after TB in dime defense jj picks Wilson and the game was well in hand.

Between flea flickers and RB screens Glennon was highly accurate going 9 for 10 for 213 yards and 4 td.

TB 35 SEA 19

GG's Joey

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