Steelers vs Boys

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Steelers vs Boys

Postby ChaosConffetti » Sat Aug 10, 2013 3:17 am

Boys come out the gates fast.. some nice moves by Jones and a quick pass to tj and its 7-0... Peyton and gang would come right back down the field to return the favor... ahhhhhh... Boys lose thier minds and go for it on 4th inside the 20 ahhhhh.. SACK!! by briggs ugh... on the 3rd down and 1 the goal line breaks and Steelers take lead.. the boys are deep again and havent learn their lesson 8 /.. TY tj triple coverage catch for 1st yikes.. Jones continues his work on the ground looking to tie it up before the half.. Boys are at the 1 and look to run clock.. now in a 4th and 2 of course they go for it... Jones jukes the pants off of Steelers defender and ties it up... Steelers are looking for the lead and right when about to score off of a nice move by white for extra yards he coughs it up ahhhh.. Cowboys ball! Jones bust a huge run on next play and the Boys are in bidness.. Mcnabb to Tj next play td.. Huge pass from Manning to Mason for 50.. 21-14 enterning the 4th... Steelers in redzone.. 2 plays in Manning to Mason and its tied up again.. Tj is coming up huge this game another cc yippie for 69rec... next play guess what ahhhhh again.. 2 pick plays 2 cc.. lucks in someones corner.. Jones has manned lb with run 1 and fakes himself out while also faking out the lb for the td score 8 ).. Steelers running out of time.. Manning goes deep and gets picked to seal the deal..



what a game gg gltrw flu

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