Matchup Selection Question

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Matchup Selection Question

Postby diazzhole » Sat Sep 28, 2013 12:07 am

Q. How do we select playoff matchups?
A. In the playoffs higher seed has their choice of choosing the matchup or selecting P1/P2. Thus, deferring the team/player or matchup choice to player 2.

Seed ONE has choice of Player 1, Player 2, or calling matchup.
Seed TWO then has next logical choice.

If Seed ONE chose Player 1, then Seed TWO selects Matchup, and Seed ONE will select desired team.
If Seed ONE chose a matchup, then Seed TWO selects desired team OR desired Player preference, and Seed ONE will get whatever choice is remaining.

Simply put, the choice of Player/Matchup/Teams start with the better seed and go back and forth until complete. This is designed to give an advantage to the better seed.
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