2004 Push For The Playoffs!!!

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2004 Push For The Playoffs!!!

Postby joeygats » Tue May 03, 2016 11:49 pm

this has been a super competitive season and as of now everyone in A is alive still and there is a 3 way race in C for that last playoff spot. im gonna predict who i think make it and who will fall short

locked a spot


alive in A team division

VIKINGS 7-5 remaining games - phi (daboy) sea (bo) i think its save to say they will fall short and end up either 7-7 or 8-6 but either way they wont make the playoffs imo

SEAHAWKS 6-4 remaining games - phi (daboy) ne (baxter) dal (kamp) min (drake) thats a tough 4 games but sea has the team and owner to get it done. i predict they end 9-5 but wont be surprised if they end up 7-7 and dont make it in

CHARGERS 6-5 remaining games - mia (stork) phi (daboy) dal (kamp) there is a real good chance sd can end 8-6 which might be enough since they swept min. they need to win both div games (phi, dal) and they are locked in

COWBOYS 5-4 remaining games - phi x2 (daboy) sea (bo) sf (arn) sd (ziur) easily the hardest remaining schedule left for any owner with 0 free or easy wins. dal has their work cut out for them but i truly believe if the gm focuses they will make the playoffs and by focus i mean BENCH ROMO! will see

EAGLES 4-3 remaining games - dal x2 (kamp) gb (adversity) sea (bo) sd (ziur) min (drake) mia (stork) not a easy remaining schedule but lets not kid ourselfs phi will walk into the playoffs and end with a 10-4 record and win the division

alive in C cups
49ERS 7-5 remaining games - dal (kamp) pit (swamp) anything less then a 9-5 finish and they have 0 chance. they have the worst div record among the 3 teams so they need them each at 6 losses in order for some hope. with that said i like their chance

PATRIOTS 6-4 remaining games - mia (stork) sea (bo) pit (swamp) hou (bong) i pretty much see them ending at 8-6 which is a lock but they can easily go 9-5 or better. ne beats mia then they pretty much lock this div up since they swept sf

DOLPHINS 5-3 remaining games - gia (jp) sd (ziur) ne (baxter) hou (bong) pit (swamp) they control their own path and a win over ne should lock it up cause i see 2 gimmy wins here. so ne vs mia should be the game that decides who wins the C cups

3 that makes playoffs from the A team imo

one that makes playoffs from C cups imo

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Re: 2004 Push For The Playoffs!!!

Postby oklahoma » Wed May 04, 2016 8:29 pm

W Garcia Davis and a boatload of others facing almost certain retirement due to lack of stat production over the season SEA will hope the bounces go their way for one last SB run before the rebuild. Ty for the write up gatsby

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Re: 2004 Push For The Playoffs!!!

Postby kamphuna8 » Sat May 07, 2016 5:53 am

Cowboys had quite a run in their final push, and definitely made things interesting.

Romo stayed in for stat purposes as long as possible. Duckett and his 50ms just can't get in the mix at A rb vs all the 63ms rbs, but we tried. Only real highlight on D was LB Bulluck, helping the cause with some key sacks and even a pick.

The final games went like this.

Vs Bo Seahawks. Tight one, much tighther than the 40 14 blowout the Hawks handed Dallas earlier, but Garcia was able to throw it over and through the Cowboys D enough to seal it late, the clincher hurt my soul. I believe it was to Witten. FML (L)

Vs Drake Vikings. Another slobber knocker, late in the game tied up, 4th and a decent chunk, Romo has a wide open and streaking Plaxico, but a gun shot startled Romo, and Burris (eerily bleeding down his leg under his jersey) tried to come back to it, but one of those He Men in the backfield JJ picked it. Game, blouses. (L)

Vs Ziur Chargers. Stupid silly game. I got a ton of picks, but played not so great and it was tight til the end. I was lucky on some Romo chucks that the prayers were answered. (W) (this broke a streak of pretty bad tecmo luck for me lately)

vs Arncoem 49ers. Took an accidental onside to the house with Tiki. then on 4th and forever from their own 10, 49ers huck it deep and Keyshawn catches the CC, my man charges in and gets rebuked, rejected, denied and tossed to the ground. Keyshawn breaks the drone tackle and runs it in. Both teams got some breaks, and Romo driving late, unnecessarily tosses one that gets picked off (he was in to get his 350 yards rushing) and it ends up costing them the game. Final tries netted a throw from Griese that went oob to end the game. (L)

That leaves Dallas at 6-6 with 2 against the vaunted Iggles. Dallas needs both to have any chance. Game starts off well, but somehow, and really, after Romo was taken out after getting his 350 rushing yards, Dallas finds themselves down 21-7 late as Griese stunk up the joint with a couple of picks. A score, stop and forced punt, led to a magical ending for Dallas, as Tiki in good scampers in from about 25 on a dive with no time left to tie it up. Then Dallas wins the toss, and Tiki takes the dive up the middle getting all the way into Eagles territory before TJ seals it in OT. (W!) Tiki, 2 carries, 88 yards, 1 crucial TD.

One more, and Romo came out of the last one after getting exactly 350 yards. Griese time. Key moment was right at the half, last play, 4th and 2, no time left and Philly down 7, Dallas picks the run 3 that Philly dialed up, Daboy still masterfully worked it in to tie it at 14 at the half. I was pretty deflated. 2nd half, Dallas kept their chins up and grinded it out. (W!)

Let's see what happens with the remaining games.
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Re: 2004 Push For The Playoffs!!!

Postby drake » Tue May 10, 2016 2:53 pm

Well at least ya got 1 right. ;)
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