2010 League changes

Dynasty League with Grapple Hack, Tiered Divisions, and the all new QBV for rating Tecmo Quarterbacks
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2010 League changes

Postby baxterbear12 » Wed Oct 12, 2016 2:34 am

Two changes I wanted to have posted...
#1 RB fantasy points currently reward 1 point per reception. That will be reduced to .25 pts per reception. - DONE! oct 24,2016
#2 I forgot what #2 is.

future changes (possibly not until reboot)...

-I'm going to put the rule back in place for the #1 overall draft pick. I've you've fallen from B to C, the first season you're in C the highest you'll be eligible to draft is #3 overall. This will first take place in the 2012 draft.

-how LB and DB grades are determined will change to include RS and RP (not just MS & INT)
-LB gain qualifier for C LB's could drop from 6 sacks to 3 or 4 sacks or possibly a fantasy value minimum that would include both sacks and ints.
-include int's returned for td's into fantasy value for defensive players.

site work to do...

-add win/loss streak to standings table

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