2004 SEA SB Championship run

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2004 SEA SB Championship run

Postby oklahoma » Tue May 17, 2016 2:55 am

WK17 DIV Championship vs JP NYG
Nice drive by NYG for 7. SEA moves the ball well, gets into NYG territory then fumbles it away for a hell of a scoop and scramble for the 14-0 lead. SEA I believe answers w 7 but leaves time for NYG to break off a big chunk and kick a FG before half. SEA gets ball and pulls up for FG as well after NYG get big stop. SEA gets couple stops of their own, frustrating the NYG into a desperate attempt at a 4th down conversion in their own territory later in the 4th then they would have liked.. turnover on downs. SEA puts it away. GG JP

WK18 GTFO SB vs Defending GTFO and reigning World Champ Joeygats
SEA gets the toss, NYJ gets the ball moving but forced to take the FG once in SEA territory. NYJ w some nice play calling force a 3 and out, SEA punts for all of like 20 yards not even to midfield.. SEA either gets a turnover on downs or NYJ hit a streaking Reggie Wayne for the bomb TD here.. Either way SEA falls behind early and puts points up but would still be behind at half when they get the ball and turn it over on downs in own territory. This is probably all wrong.. basically 2 huge sacks by DL Jason Taylor on 3/4th downs lead to big stops for SEA and put them in position to win down 3 in the 4th quarter w/ about 3 min to go.. drive and grind clock down inside the 10, 3rd down 19 sec left, call is motion Run 1 up top---picked play (FML) decide to just hold straight up the gut and try get tackled w some time for FG but WTF??? TD Terrel Davis goes untouched about 6 yards right into the endzone and paydirt.. no since of elation here, kinda shitty way to steal a W. In any event any win vs the Great Gatsby is a huge one and this one comes w a title. A championship brand of tecmo was brought to the field by both squads on this day, SEA just came out on top. GG Joe.

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