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Postby ryan11p » Mon Dec 30, 2013 3:14 am

Week 4 Matchup Big Game for both Teams

Jets get the ball and are driving with a mix of campbell and williams but throws a INT on a called play to Reynoldo Hill
Rams get the ball on there own 5 ydl and after a quick called run Rams are in a whole but Gonzo comes through on a huge 85 yd 4th down conversion
Rams on the ten but Jets hold
Jets take over on there own 2 ydl Jets driving but Williams fumbles and Calais Campbell takes it down to the 2 ydl
Rams and Williams get it in the endzone this time Rams 7-0
Jets take over and go on a short time impressive drive but the last play of the half is a INT by Samuel 7-0 Half
Rams get the ball first play big Gonzo JJ down to the 10 ydl but great Jet's D holds Rams FG blocked!
Jets take over long time consuming drive Williams running great here but around the 20ydl Campbell fumbles
Rams ball 4th qtr pos is short lived called play int Game begins to lag here
Jets take over and get the ball in the endzone to tie it up 7-7
Rams Take over 330 left two short pass to forte that turn into decent gains get the Rams in fg range 144 left
Forte good run Short pass to Muhammad get the ball to the 4 ydl Forte puts it in the endzone with 12 secs left and becomes the hero of the final Drive Rams 14-7
Jets only have time for the KOR and get a solid return but no td
Discdolo GG
Sorry about the TO's luck

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