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Postby TDO » Sun Jan 12, 2014 5:29 pm

Very good defensive battle.

Falcons start the game and throw a pick.

Bears move down field and stall on 4th down and miss the K scramble after the block FG.

Falcons get the ball and work their way down field and get held to a FG 3-0.

On ensuing kickoff the Bears fumble but pick it up and house it on the old fumble to the next guy kick off td play. 3-7.

Falcons move the ball downfield again and then with 11 seconds left the qb runs out of bounds and opts for the 20 yard field goal since no one was open to make it 6-7 at half.

Bears recieve to start the 2nd half and between safe playcalling and a bend but no break defense march down field for the entire quarter but opts for the fg after getting to a 4th down. 6-10.

Falcons goign with the RB by committee move the ball downfield and get within the redzone as they had but can't settle for the fg. With about 3 minutes left a qb scramble leaves mendenhall open in the endone for the short pass to go up 13-10.

Bears move the ball down field again just like the last drive eating up clock and getting closer. With about 20 seconds left they go for the td about 18 yards out and it's picked off to end the game.

gg jeremy. i know the game didn't end how you were hoping, but that was a fun game, i like those d battles. GG and GLRTW.
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