Week 5: Ohio State 24 @ Texas A&M 21/OT

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Week 5: Ohio State 24 @ Texas A&M 21/OT

Postby Agent25Cent » Fri Feb 24, 2006 6:49 am

Great Big Six/Midhorn Confrence game. Aggies kept it close the whole game thru and (Courtney Lewis: 16 - 156 yards, 2 TD) lead the charge. Buckeyes rushing game (Ben Ball: 14 - 158 yards/Jose Toothman: 4-34, TD) kept the Buckeyes in it, likewise. Aggies 22 total pass hurt them in the end. OSU gets the lead 21-14 late 4th, but the Aggies drive and Lewis scores with 1 sec left, 21-21. Aggies get kick and are poised, but on 4th & short in Texas territory, Texas decides to call the run play they killed me on all game and it's thankfully been called. we drive a bit to inside 5 and kick it. damn gg, mhlandrydotnet.

OSU QB Jose Toothman scored on a scramble, but wasn't saved in the stat:(.


ah well, he's only a sophmore:D

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