w6 - BAMA 28 - texas tech 21

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w6 - BAMA 28 - texas tech 21

Postby bamatecmo » Tue Mar 07, 2006 5:56 am

tex tech 21


This was a wild one in Lubbock.

TT starts the game with 2 long passes with his WR streaking down the sideline to score and go up early and fast. 0-7

Bama comes right back with a scoring drive that saw the QB Thorpe score on a QB run. 7-7.

With 1:00 to go in the half I go to punt and get tackled.......its TT ball on the 15 and he runs it in to go up 7-14 at the half.

3rd quarter saw Bama use the running game again to tie it up at 14-14.

Late in the 3rd TT scores on a nice passing game where his WR were catching everything. 14-21.

Bama gets the ball to start the 4th.......and drives down the field behind Thorpe's arm and legs. On a key play down 14-21 on 4th and 6 Thorpe takes off and scampers 20 yds to set up another run TD by Thorpe. 21-21.

With just under 2:00 to go TT gets the ball but Bama forces a 3 and out.

TT punts and Fortin gets about 20 yds on the punt return.

This sets up a last second play...."Thorpe drops back.....he scrambles......shakes 1 tackle.......throws it to Fortin......he is wide open.......Fortin catches it........touchdown Bama.......touchdown Bama." 28-21.

Thorpe = over 200+ yds of total offense and 4 TDs

Bama is (6-0) and ranked #1.

at least for now........

gg sois........sorry you had to lose that way.......it was a classic game. I think ESPN classic is going to air it this saturday morning at 8:00 AM.
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Postby sois » Wed Mar 08, 2006 2:53 am

Bama has a stout offense. Watch out for this team. If you think a 25 PS QB is slowing this machine down, you better think again. He has already mastered that offense.

Hell yeah it was a classic.

You live by the blitz, you die by the blitz. I came with it on the last play but I should have dropped back into coverage.

GG see you next season bama

PS. This might be a rivalry. A real rivalry.

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