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Postby Ones11fahzu » Fri May 30, 2014 8:43 pm

NE receives. One short run, one long run, and a nifty TD pass, 7-0 NE early. ARZ 1st play, both deep guys open with 25 INT manned LB on them....even I will try that...CC. A couple plays later, its 7 up. The JJ brigade comes to bat. The first pitch is worse than a whiff, its an out...ARZ ball. Jackson gets a long run to set up deep in NE teritory. Garrard to Gates from 6 yards out, 14-7 ARZ. Plenty of time for NE. Some good runs, and a couple short passes....yes!...short passes!...get NE to mid-field. And the JJ Brigade is back up. After one whiff, and one sack, home rrrr(roll the r)rrun, 14-14 at half.

ARZ gets the ball. RB BAD, best WR BAD, TE BAD, highest INT LB BAD, 2/4 DBs BAD; one WR GOOD, best DL GOOD, 1/4 DB GOOD....NE best LB EXCELLENT, 2/3 DL GOOD, RB GOOD; backups BAD...ugh. ARZ goes backwards and punts. NE faces a 3rd and long, and gets their play picked, and Kyle has his revenge, 21-14 ARZ on the cough drop. JJ Brigade back up....2nd home run of the game, 21-21. ARZ drives back down, but gets stuffed deep in NE territory by good defense....FG...24-21 ARZ....oh comes the JJ Brigade to win. Kickoff only retruned to the 8. ARZ best DL is GOOD and busting through, but now NE QB is GOOD. ARZ DL gets the drone bust through sack, loss of 1. Next play picked...INC. 3rd down...ARZ DL hawks NE QB again...this time at the 1. 4th and 17 from the 1 with 1:40ish to go. JJ Brigade has 1 on 1 man coverage deep for the win, but doesnt have a lot of time, and its a whiff into the cheerleaders. Over right? Come on now, you should know I am going to do something dumb by now. ARZ runs, and cuts the corner too short and goes OOB at the millimeter line. Whoops. Next play gets picked. Whoops. 3rd and G at the 4...and still 1:20 to go. Pass....NE man defender (excellent LB3...thats 63 RS 44 RP and 69 MS for those scoring at home) looks like he is attacking the scrambling QB...but breaks back...and ARZ passes...and the X moves about 5 yards south just out of reach of the diving LB for the score. LOL at that about

31 - 21 ARZ
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Re: NE @ ARZ

Postby TSBGOD » Fri May 30, 2014 9:24 pm

Yeah, I wish I used the condition checker like everyone else! No time for that shit. Let alone waiting 5 minutes per play for you to pick :) GG man..GLRW. See you in playoffs.

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