Week 8: Holy Cross 21, Pittsburgh 20

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Week 8: Holy Cross 21, Pittsburgh 20

Postby BadMoonRison » Fri Mar 24, 2006 4:19 am

Holy Cross Crusaders - 21
Pittsburgh Panthers - 20

This was the biggest scare I've had thus far during the regular season, even bigger than the BC OT game. After we lost connection the other day and I was up 7-0 with the ball, he was gracious and let me score on the first play to even things out. However, it was Pitt's day to dominate the rest.

I don't know what crack PIT QB Hammond or bigflu was on, but I'd like to get some. Extremely smart decisions all game in the passing game, including two nailbiting 4th down conversions.

The game was tied at 14 right before the half. As HC QB Krueger scrambles, he coughs up the ball inside his own territory. PIT kicks the easy FG and goes ahead 17-14 at the half.

PIT receives ball at the half and, after a 3 and out, HC has the ball. However, at midfield, they are stopped on a 4th down conversion attempt. PIT moves the ball well, but can only get a FG to make the score 20-14 early in the 4th.

HC wastes no time and charges into the lead with a TD pass to WR Jeffrey Joyner. 21-20 HC.

Final drive. PIT faces one of its crucial 4th down conversions. After faking deep, Hammond decides to toss it before the first down marker. A blocker appears and blocks one of my defenders and the receiver runs far enough for the first. After moving the ball to about the 40 yard line, on second down, Hammond goes deep to a wide open WR at the 5 yard line. Unfortunately for PIT, I had injured WR Crooks earlier in the game, so his backup was going after the ball. He dives for a sure TD catch, but it's just out of his reach. After a short pass to gain some more yards, the Panthers go for the FG and the win. A quick kick, way off line, and HC runs out the clock. 21-20 Holy Cross wins.

gg bigflu. HC is now 8-0 on the season (ranked #1) and 29-1 in school history.
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Postby bigflu112 » Fri Mar 24, 2006 4:26 am

Hell of a game, Hammond is a beast and is looking for some Defesive help for his senior season.

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