Week 9: Texas 24 Alabama 21 (OT)

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Week 9: Texas 24 Alabama 21 (OT)

Postby Nos » Sat Mar 25, 2006 7:23 pm

Texas and Alabama met in a game that could decide the Midhorn Conference Championship and a possible berth in the National Championship Game.

The Longhorns win the toss and elect to receive. Peacock tries to get it going on the ground but gets stuffed multiple times, but Glenn Hudson finds a wide open receiver deep for the score. 7-0 Texas.

Alabama drives back quickly, mixing it up extremely well, and scoring on a long drive to make it 7-7.

The Longhorns fumble the ensuing kickoff, and Alabama takes the short field and the score. 14-7 Bama at the half.

Bama receives, fails to get anything going, and is forced to punt. The punt is shanked, and Texas scores on a nice pass from Hudson. 14-14.

Bama scores on a long drive, Texas answers with a TD of their own. 21-21.

Bama has the ball, and about 2:45 left in the ball game. The drive is a beautiful one, with Bama mixing in runs and passes, and breaking off a huge run to get inside the Texas 20. A few plays later, Bama has a third down from inside the 10 yard line, with about 50 seconds left, but doesn't choose field goal. The run play is picked, and a key 5-6 yard loss occurs.

Bama tries the field goal, and completely shanks it, missing everything wide left. Those 5 yards would be key.

Texas attempts a JJ to end the game, but Hudson throws off target and out of bounds.

21-21 end of regulation.

Bama receives, and gets stuffed on first down on a picked play. Next play, Bama rolls out, I fake blitz with the DB to attempt a stop on a possible QB run, then slant back quickly to the middle of the field to pick off the Alabama pass.

I get stuffed on 3 straight plays, and kick the field goal to win it.

gg Bama.

Texas wins 24-21 and is now 7-1 (3-0).
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