Week 10 Ohio State @ Illinois - Big Six Title Game

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Week 10 Ohio State @ Illinois - Big Six Title Game

Postby tecmorox81 » Fri Apr 07, 2006 9:48 pm

First off I want to apologize to Agent because tecmo screwed him out of the game hardcore with 3 or 4 fumbles.

At the start Illinois kicks off and on OSU's 2nd play fumble picked up by Jeremy Lehman of Illinois. Morin runs it in the on the next play. Illinois 7-0

Illinois kicks off again and holds OSU to a three and out and he punts. Illinois drives and on 4th down inside the 40 we kick. The kick is lined up perfect but blocked, Errol Ayres picks up his kick that was blocked and runs it in for the TD. Illinois 14-0

OSU gets the ball and drives at the end of the 2nd and puts in a score on a pass from Joe Toothman to Mark Mittler. Illinois 14-7

Illinois gets the ball back but can't do anything with it and the 1st half ends.

Second half and Illinois recieves the kick. Morin runs the ball a lot and gets the drive going. On the 4th or 5th play he fumbles. The ball bounces around forever before it is picked up by Morin who takes it to the first down marker and a little more. This drive would end on four plays and out when my TE Johnson drops the pass nearly wide open.

Agent gets the ball looking to score and get back in the game but fumbles again this time on the 1st play, and it is picked up by Harold Jackson who runs it inside the redzone. Later Isiah Williams hooks up with Rashard Mendenhall for the TD. Illinois 21-7

He drives again on the weak Illinois defense and gets in the red zone. On the same pass play from Toothman to Mittler which scored earlier this time is intercepted by Sharriff Abdullah.

Illinois drives deep and manages to run the clock out.

Final Score..:
Ohio State - 7
Illinois - 21

Click here for game stats

GG Agent sorry that all the bs screwed your game. GL next season.

Coach Tecmorox after the game..:
"It feels good to finally win a conference title. We've come along way since our 0-10 season in season 1. We have steadly gotten better and even after replacing half the team we managed to pull out the wins when we needed them most. I'm proud of our senior Jeremy Lehman who picked up the 1st fumble, I was glad to see our all time sack leader get a fumble recovery in a game this big. We can't wait to hang our conference banner in Assembly Hall."
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Postby Agent25Cent » Sat Apr 08, 2006 3:00 am

GG TR. it happens, I just like to bitch n moan when it's happening. you played well enough, you deserve the division title. OSU is young, and I didn't anticipate even getting this far with this team. GL in your bowl game and GL next season, becasue OSU will be back!

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Postby sois » Sat Apr 08, 2006 3:44 am

Damn, wasn't Illinois in the gutter 3 seasons ago? Good job Tecmo Rox!!!!!!

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