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Postby lightninglarry » Sat May 23, 2015 9:43 pm

Titans hold on and win a nailbiter 28-21. Game was won basically on 3 fumbles. 1 lost by the Giants and 2 Titans fumbles that were recovered by the offense, including one at the goaline that was picked up by the wr and put into pay dirt. Without those 3 crucial plays, Giants probably prevail.
Colt McCoy came in to amazing in backup duty 7-7 with a couple scores and a perfect passer rating.


gg justin
gl next season my friend. You probably are the biggest fan of CTL, and i love the enthusiasm.
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Postby justinpeters51 » Tue May 26, 2015 2:50 pm

Great game Larry, I was happy to be able to keep it as close as it was. I went back over the tape and looked at what went on and I noticed that the real MVP of this game is your OLine, All your 69hp guys were flattening my dline of 44-50HP. Made it very hard for me to come through and make the tackle as I kept running into your Olineman after they threw off my dline. That allowed you to make some huge gains in the running game all game long. And we all know if larry has the running game going you can forget about it. Another key play was late in the game when i choked. Larry was facing 3rd and long and if i could stop him i could force a punt and have a chance at a couple jj attempts to bring it to overtime. SO he calls shotgun pass and i blitz with LB4 and I get popcorned as i mistakingly run into the line, duh!!!! turns out almost all of his receivers were covered so he would have had to force a quick throw, good odds that he doesnt get the conversion on that play but again i hit the line and blew it. I was mad after that for sure. It would have made it interesting for sure. Overall a good game, i wanted to use eli more than I have during the season as I think i underused him... o well, looking forward to the offseason! GL Larry dominate to the title!

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