ATA Season 32 Schedules

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ATA Season 32 Schedules

Postby Suicideking81 » Sat Oct 29, 2016 1:13 am

Week #1
Patriots (Baxter) at Colts (Gats)
49ers (Arncoem) at Raiders (NGunn)
Oilers (SuicideKing) at Bengals (Rico)
Rams (Ryan11P) at Lions (Casual T)
Browns (PurpleHaze) at Falcons (Prime)
Cowboys (Jesus) at Bills (Hoffnasty)
Steelers (Cheefzboy) at Jets (Big Hock)
Chargers (Ziur) at Packers (Darth Rockman)
Saints (Nos) at Buccaneers (Fightdogs)
Bears (Jebigred) at Eagles (Drake)

Week #2
Browns (PurpleHaze) at Patriots (Baxter)
Colts (Gats) at Raiders (NGunn)
Falcons (Prime) at Oilers (SuicideKing)
Bengals (Rico) at Lions (Casual T)
49ers (Arncoem) at Rams (Ryan11P)
Bears (Jebigred) at Cowboys (Jesus)
Bills (Hoffnasty) at Jets (Big Hock)
Eagles (Drake) at Chargers (Ziur)
Packers (Darth Rockman) at Buccaneers (Fightdogs)
Steelers (Cheefzboy) at Saints (Nos)

Week #3
Browns (PurpleHaze) at Colts (Gats)
Patriots (Baxter) at 49ers (Arncoem)
Falcons (Prime) at Bengals (Rico)
Raiders (NGunn) at Lions (Casual T)
Oilers (SuicideKing) at Rams (Ryan11P)
Bears (Jebigred) at Bills (Hoffnasty)
Buccaneers (Fightdogs) at Jets (Big Hock)
Cowboys (Jesus) at Steelers (Cheefzboy)
Eagles (Drake) at Packers (Darth Rockman)
Chargers (Ziur) at Saints (Nos)

Week #4
Raiders (NGunn) at Browns (PurpleHaze)
Colts (Gats) at 49ers (Arncoem)
Patriots (Baxter) at Oilers (SuicideKing)
Lions (Casual T) at Falcons (Prime)
Bengals (Rico) at Rams (Ryan11P)
Jets (Big Hock) at Bears (Jebigred)
Bills (Hoffnasty) at Steelers (Cheefzboy)
Cowboys (Jesus) at Chargers (Ziur)
Buccaneers (Fightdogs) at Eagles (Drake)
Packers (Darth Rockman) at Saints (Nos)

Week #5
Raiders (NGunn) at Patriots (Baxter)
49ers (Arncoem) at Browns (PurpleHaze)
Colts (Gats) at Bengals (Rico)
Lions (Casual T) at Oilers (SuicideKing)
Rams (Ryan11P) at Falcons (Prime)
Jets (Big Hock) at Cowboys (Jesus)
Steelers (Cheefzboy) at Bears (Jebigred)
Bills (Hoffnasty) at Packers (Darth Rockman)
Buccaneers (Fightdogs) at Chargers (Ziur)
Saints (Nos) at Eagles (Drake)

Week #6
Lions (Casual T) at Colts (Gats)
Rams (Ryan11P) at Patriots (Baxter)
Bengals (Rico) at Raiders (NGunn)
Oilers (SuicideKing) at Browns (PurpleHaze)
Falcons (Prime) at 49ers (Arncoem)
Jets (Big Hock) at Packers (Darth Rockman)
Bears (Jebigred) at Chargers (Ziur)
Bills (Hoffnasty) at Buccaneers (Fightdogs)
Steelers (Cheefzboy) at Eagles (Drake)
Cowboys (Jesus) at Saints (Nos)

Week #7
Steelers (Cheefzboy) at Colts (Gats)
Bears (Jebigred) at Patriots (Baxter)
Saints (Nos) at Bengals (Rico)
Eagles (Drake) at Oilers (SuicideKing)
Buccaneers (Fightdogs) at Lions (Casual T)
49ers (Arncoem) at Bills (Hoffnasty)
Browns (PurpleHaze) at Cowboys (Jesus)
Raiders (NGunn) at Jets (Big Hock)
Rams (Ryan11P) at Packers (Darth Rockman)
Falcons (Prime) at Chargers (Ziur)

Week #8
Oilers (SuicideKing) at 49ers (Arncoem)
Browns (PurpleHaze) at Bengals (Rico)
Patriots (Baxter) at Lions (Casual T)
Raiders (NGunn) at Falcons (Prime)
Colts (Gats) at Rams (Ryan11P)
Saints (Nos) at Bills (Hoffnasty)
Buccaneers (Fightdogs) at Cowboys (Jesus)
Packers (Darth Rockman) at Bears (Jebigred)
Chargers (Ziur) at Steelers (Cheefzboy)
Jets (Big Hock) at Eagles (Drake)

Week #9
Colts (Gats) at Patriots (Baxter)
Eagles (Drake) at Browns (PurpleHaze)
Raiders (NGunn) at 49ers (Arncoem)
Bengals (Rico) at Oilers (SuicideKing)
Lions (Casual T) at Rams (Ryan11P)
Bills (Hoffnasty) at Cowboys (Jesus)
Falcons (Prime) at Bears (Jebigred)
Jets (Big Hock) at Steelers (Cheefzboy)
Packers (Darth Rockman) at Chargers (Ziur)
Buccaneers (Fightdogs) at Saints (Nos)

Week #10
Raiders (NGunn) at Colts (Gats)
Patriots (Baxter) at Browns (PurpleHaze)
Saints (Nos) at 49ers (Arncoem)
Lions (Casual T) at Bengals (Rico)
Oilers (SuicideKing) at Falcons (Prime)
Jets (Big Hock) at Bills (Hoffnasty)
Cowboys (Jesus) at Bears (Jebigred)
Rams (Ryan11P) at Steelers (Cheefzboy)
Buccaneers (Fightdogs) at Packers (Darth Rockman)
Chargers (Ziur) at Eagles (Drake)

Week #11
49ers (Arncoem) at Patriots (Baxter)
Buccaneers (Fightdogs) at Raiders (NGunn)
Colts (Gats) at Browns (PurpleHaze)
Rams (Ryan11P) at Oilers (SuicideKing)
Bengals (Rico) at Falcons (Prime)
Steelers (Cheefzboy) at Cowboys (Jesus)
Lions (Casual T) at Jets (Big Hock)
Bills (Hoffnasty) at Bears (Jebigred)
Saints (Nos) at Chargers (Ziur)
Packers (Darth Rockman) at Eagles (Drake)

Week #12
49ers (Arncoem) at Colts (Gats)
Chargers (Ziur) at Patriots (Baxter)
Browns (PurpleHaze) at Raiders (NGunn)
Rams (Ryan11P) at Bengals (Rico)
Falcons (Prime) at Lions (Casual T)
Steelers (Cheefzboy) at Bills (Hoffnasty)
Oilers (SuicideKing) at Cowboys (Jesus)
Bears (Jebigred) at Jets (Big Hock)
Saints (Nos) at Packers (Darth Rockman)
Eagles (Drake) at Buccaneers (Fightdogs)

Week #13
Packers (Darth Rockman) at Colts (Gats)
Patriots (Baxter) at Raiders (NGunn)
Browns (PurpleHaze) at 49ers (Arncoem)
Oilers (SuicideKing) at Lions (Casual T)
Falcons (Prime) at Rams (Ryan11P)
Bengals (Rico) at Bills (Hoffnasty)
Cowboys (Jesus) at Jets (Big Hock)
Bears (Jebigred) at Steelers (Cheefzboy)
Chargers (Ziur) at Buccaneers (Fightdogs)
Eagles (Drake) at Saints (Nos)

Week #14
Rams (Ryan11P) at Raiders (NGunn)
Lions (Casual T) at Browns (PurpleHaze)
49ers (Arncoem) at Bengals (Rico)
Colts (Gats) at Oilers (SuicideKing)
Patriots (Baxter) at Falcons (Prime)
Eagles (Drake) at Cowboys (Jesus)
Packers (Darth Rockman) at Steelers (Cheefzboy)
Bills (Hoffnasty) at Chargers (Ziur)
Bears (Jebigred) at Buccaneers (Fightdogs)
Jets (Big Hock) at Saints (Nos)

Week #15
Jets (Big Hock) at Colts (Gats)
Cowboys (Jesus) at Patriots (Baxter)
Chargers (Ziur) at Oilers (SuicideKing)
Eagles (Drake) at Rams (Ryan11P)
Raiders (NGunn) at Bills (Hoffnasty)
49ers (Arncoem) at Bears (Jebigred)
Browns (PurpleHaze) at Steelers (Cheefzboy)
Lions (Casual T) at Packers (Darth Rockman)
Bengals (Rico) at Buccaneers (Fightdogs)
Falcons (Prime) at Saints (Nos)

Week #16
Saints (Nos) at Raiders (NGunn)
Packers (Darth Rockman) at Browns (PurpleHaze)
Chargers (Ziur) at 49ers (Arncoem)
Steelers (Cheefzboy) at Lions (Casual T)
Bills (Hoffnasty) at Falcons (Prime)
Cowboys (Jesus) at Rams (Ryan11P)
Bengals (Rico) at Jets (Big Hock)
Oilers (SuicideKing) at Bears (Jebigred)
Colts (Gats) at Buccaneers (Fightdogs)
Patriots (Baxter) at Eagles (Drake)
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