Week 7 -- University of California vs. University of Oregon

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Week 7 -- University of California vs. University of Oregon

Postby averageTSBPlayer » Sat Jul 22, 2006 7:11 am

Oregon 35
Cal 21

http://www.sois.com/tcs/box.php?team=CA ... 7&season=5

-Oregon kicks off and Marshawn Lynch returns it to the 21. This drive was all runs, either Marshawn or QB Erick Mays. This was a dominating 11-play 79-yard drive capped off by a 1-yard run by Marshawn Lynch that seemed to suggest it was going to be all Cal in this one. This drive also took 3:27 off the clock leaving 1:33 in the first quarter. 7-0 Cal.

-However, on the ensuing kickoff, Cameron Colvin did his best Marshawn Lynch impression as he takes it 101 yards to tie the game back up at 7. This left 14 seconds in the first quarter.

-Marshawn Lynch received the kickoff and equaled his first return as he brought it to the 21. A run, dump-off pass, and another run made it 4 and short. From inside their own 30, Cal decides to go for it. Oregon calls the play and it's turnover on downs.

-Oregon's first 3 plays net them only 7 yards and forcing Coach AverageTSBPlayer to make a tough decision. Oregon goes for it and decides to hand it off to Whitehead. He dances around and just barely gets the first down. A few plays later, Whitehead scores from 7 yards out on a run on the 7th play of the drive. 14-7 Oregon's lead.

-Lynch receives this next kickoff and brings it to the 17. With only 2:01 left in the half, Cal moves the ball about 30 yards in 4 plays. A deep JJ attempt is way overthrown leaving 2 seconds in the half. On the last play, another deep ball is throw, this time being caught around the 15. However, #5 Aaron Gipson makes a great tackle leaving it 14-7 at halftime.


-Oregon's Cameron Colvin is back to return the kick. Again, the kick places Colvin inside the endzone, one yard deep. And again, Colvin takes it 101 yards to the house. It's 21-7 at this point and Oregon's offense has only been on the field once so far.

-Marshawn Lynch takes the next return and it looks promising. However, once he gets to the 30 (10 yards better than his previous two returns), he gets drilled and fumbles the ball. Oregon's sophomore linebacker Justin Andrews recovered the ball.

-Oregon moves the ball ten yards on three plays, all running. On the fourth play, California has a called play. However, Emeka Gilmour tosses it up to Jaison Williams (no, not the murderer) who goes up and brings it down to make it 28-7.

-Marshawn Lynch again receives a kickoff and brings this one to the 26. Another drive very similar to their first gets Cal a touchdown. This 7-play drive was capped off with a throw Erick Mays to stud Marshawn Lynch. This left California down 14-28 with 4:51 to go in the game.

-Cal's onsides kick attempt fails as QB Emeka Gilmour recovers it and puts Oregon at the 50. This 9-play 50-yard drive was capped off by a nice Covered Catch from Gilmour to studly Colvin. With 1:38 left in the game, Oregon is up 35-14.

-Lynch returned another kick and guess where it was? That's correct, it was to the 21, again. On the first play from scrimmage, Mays hits Jordan on an 79-yard bomb. A few yards after catch that made Gipson look silly made it 21-35.

-On the last play of the game, Cal's onsides kick is a recovered by Oregon's Whitehead and returned 20 yards.

Final Score Oregon 35-21
Oregon was outgained on offense 295 to 99 yards

Good game omg wtf hax man and good luck the rest of the way
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