Week 8 Wisconsin @ Illinois

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Week 8 Wisconsin @ Illinois

Postby tecmorox81 » Tue Jul 25, 2006 9:09 pm

Craziest ending to a very good game.

Illinois wins the toss and we start a drive. Couple plays later a pass to Andrew Barnett is caught but he fumbles, ball lands on the sidelines and Wisconsin picks it up. Fro drives it with his deadly combo of Ben Murray and Judson Schmitt and scores. 7-0 Wisconsin.

Illinois gets the ball back and I'm not sure now how I turned the ball over now but he gets it back and puts in against my defense which is bending and breaking. 14-0 Wisconsin.

Illinois gets the ball back one more time and actually drives it inside Wisconsin's territory. Rashard Mendenhall who is tired of getting his wiped in this game wins a joust and rumbles in for the score. 14-7 Wisconsin.

Wisconsin gets the ball back with a couple seconds in the 1st half. A hail mary pass is picked off near the goal line brining Sharriff Abullah's total to 8.

Illinois gets the ball in the 2nd half drives. We waste time drive in close and Elton Shearer puts it in the for the score. Tie 14-14

At this point the Illinois defense finally gets into gear and stoppes Wisonsin but Illinois can get nothing going on offense.

OT and Illinois gets the ball. We try to run the ball, twice we run and on the second run Rashard Mendenhall is hit so hard the ball pops out around mid-field. Wisconsin gets the ball and drives. The Illinois sideline is looking for a tie. When Sharriff Abdullah picks off another pass brining his total to 9.

Illinois can't move the ball after a few bad passes and picked plays so we punt. Wisconsin gets the ball back with a few seconds in overtime. Illinois calls the same hail mary play as Wisconsin and the D gets to Murray. Murray usually the calm and cool senior is hit so hard that he fumbles the ball. It is picked up by Illinois DL Billy Lang who rumbles bumbles and stumbles his way to the goal. Illinois 20-14.

Wisconsin - 14
Illinois - 20

Game Stats Here

One of the closest games I've ever played and again I get lucky against fro. Two straight years I dodge a bullet.

GG fro GL the rest of the way.
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Postby fro30 » Tue Jul 25, 2006 9:57 pm

My thoughts on the game:

My offense ran out of gas after the first half. Illinois DB Abdullah kept Schmitt in check holding him to 7.2 ypc when he had a 12.6 ypc coming into the game.

In the 4th quarter I had a chance to go up with 4 and 1 around Illinois 5 yd line, I rolled to the top and Abdullah came running at me but I threw it to a wide open receiver but got batted down in mid air by a lb.

The fumbles went my way until 30 seconds left to go in OT. After I got the ball back I was thinking if I dont get a long JJ atleast it will be a tie. I cant do anyworse than a tie. Next thing you know, its a called play, I dont get the ball off in time, MURRAY fumbles, Illinois takes it 25 yds to the house with a few seconds left.

This game reminded me when I played LSU season 3. In overtime I have the ball and Murray fumbles on a picked play LSU picks up the loose ball and takes it 50 yds for a td.

My season is wrecked after heart break loss after heart break loss. Pretty much sums up my whole TCS career.

Ben Murrays last TCS regular season game is comming up and maybe last game ever if we dont make a bowl game. I hope he goes out in a bang.

gg trox
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