Wk 10 Cal-Neb

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Wk 10 Cal-Neb

Postby jordainare » Sun Aug 13, 2006 1:00 am

Cal comes in playing for pride with no shot at a bowl for a second straight season. Lynch still came to play today though. Nebraska received the ball and was shut down and went for it on 4th and not converting. Lynch didnt waste any time breaking off a huge run and then punching in the score. Nebraska again received but was stopped and forced to punt. A combination of Lynch runs gives cal a 14 pt lead. Nebraska decided to answer near the end of the 2nd qtr with a huge run by Norman to make it 14-7 by half. Cal received but Erick Mays fumbles the ball. Nebraska got it close to scoring but had to settle for a fg. Cal received and Lynch scores quickly to push it back to 21-10. Nebraska's offense scores once more but sputters after as Lynch finishes them off with 2 more scores.

Lynch MVP of the game and this season i hope. 275 yards and 5 tds, a beautiful way to go out

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