Why I will Arizona state for the rest of the season

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Why I will Arizona state for the rest of the season

Postby keirre21 » Sun Nov 02, 2014 5:34 pm

Backdrop: Arizona State was installed as 4.5 pt favorite as the line opened last sunday and I decided to parlay them with other early lines.

Arizona St was involved a dog fight with Utah last night. Most of you probably did not watch since it started at 11pm EST. In regulation, tied 13-13 Arizona State's offense is clicking on their final drive by driving the ball downfield with the quick pass and using QB keepers on the zone read since their staff finally figured out that Utah's DE's had crashed down on the last 25 zone run plays. They cross the 50 yardline and inexplicably got back to giving their RB the ball when the QB keeper was still open, follow that up with 2 sacks on straight drop backs and they have to punt the ball to Utah with under 1:30 to go. :roll:

Utah gets the ball and tries to run out the clock. But ASU has 2 Timeouts and are able to force a punt with under 20 seconds remaining. ASU gets the ball at their own 40 with :06 to go. They throw a quick out and are set up at about their own 46-48 for one last heave FUNTIME Visons of the USC game come to mind:


But it wasn't meant, to be as this time #2 is the backup QB and comes in for one throw and forgets that you have to give your WRs time to get downfield. :evil:

Overtime. And I'm thinking..."Please let Arizona State lose the toss so they can go on offense score a TD and then stop Utah on downs or via turnover for the cover" Nope, Arizona State wins the toss and goes on defense. Utah has an excellent kicker so I'm hoping that Utah scores a TD so ASU can match it an win in 2OTs. Long story short, Utah's kicker misses 2 FGs (one, wide right but a T.O. was called then misses the next wide left trying to compensate) and ASU has the ball :kitty: .

Now I've been on the opposite side of this one many times hoping that the team with the ball just kicks the FG to not cover the spread and/or kick the FG to maintain the UNDER for the game. ANd EVERY SINGLE TIME they never just kick the FG they play aggressive and score a TD ruining my bet. What does ASU do, two straight runs for a 3rd and short. I expect ASU to fake the run and either go with play action or have the QB keep it for what will likely be an easy TD for the cover. Instead they line up in goaline formation (which they NEVER use) from their 21 yardline and run to the right for a 2 yard loss :o :o :o . 4th down and they opt for the FG....which sails through easily for the win and ATS loss.



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