Pitt vs. Texas tech

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Pitt vs. Texas tech

Postby bigflu112 » Mon Oct 23, 2006 2:24 am

Crazy game from start to finish

Pitt gets ball first and fumble on second play but I pick it up and advance it 20 more yrds and eventually score on the drive.

He gets ball and I pick it off

He picks of my pass and fumbles and i advance it 5 yrds. Later I score on that drive.

He gets the ball and fumbles he picks it up and advances it 15 yrds and eventually scores on the drive.

Half Pitt 14- TT 7

He gets ball and slices through my D like a warm knife through butter.


I fumble he recovers and scores a few plays later.

I march down the field and score with about 1:30 left.

He gets stopped on downs and I have a chance but throw a pick and he misses a fg as time expires in regulation.

I pick off his first pass in OT after a acidental onside kick. I am marching only to throw a pick of my own.

I stop him on downs again and begin to drive and advance the ball. With about 15 seconds left in OT i smash it in from 6 yrds out for the win.

Pitt gets one in the vistory column and are now 1-2.

GG Byoder and GL rest of way.

P.S. Sheffield was hurt for the second game in a row. Appears to be a nagging hamstring. Interesting to see how this plays out the resto f the season.

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