Badgers hold off Illini 17-10

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Badgers hold off Illini 17-10

Postby fro30 » Thu Nov 23, 2006 12:44 am

Badgers got off to a 14-0 lead but the Illini had a good 2nd quarter drive and held me to miss a FG at the end of the half. 14-7 Badgers. Illinois took the opening 2nd half drive for a FG, I answered with a FG back. 17-10.
Illinois is driving another good drive. They have the ball first and goal inside my 5. I stuff the first 3 plays. 4th and goal for the game he does play 1 pitch down and i pick it, it looks like Illinois RB Mendenhall might get in despite the play being pick but NO he steps out of bounds. Badgers come away with the goalline stand and run the clock out and win the game.

gg thagame, gl in your tcs career

badgers 4-2
fro30: hey me and the patriots have something in common
AgneePatel: what is that
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