PureTecmo Bowl WOW What a game (Games)

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PureTecmo Bowl WOW What a game (Games)

Postby bigflu112 » Tue Jan 02, 2007 5:29 am

Game One:

Pitt gets ball first and is stopped after a few first downs. Depaul scores and Pitt says oh shit this could be a long day as FR QB Richards missed two wide open recievers on the first drive. The teams exchange tds until the fourth quarter. Pitt has the ball with 6 seconds left at their own 20. Igal sends a blitz of the middle linebacker which leaves one on one coverage for the deep reciever and Richards buys enough time to send it Deep and Okafor catches it and the drone made a game saving tackle as time expired at the 30 yr line as no other Depaul defender was in sight. In OT Depaul gets the ball first and on the 2nd play throws a pick at like the 30 yd line. Pitt gets one first down then have a fourth and one at the 17 yrd line and opt to send in the fg kicker. He dings it off the Goal poast and Depaul has the ball again with 2:00 left. Pitt D holds and only allows dink and dunks up to the 45 with about 11 seconds to go. Depaul opts to try to get a little closer and on a qb scramble picks up ten and the clock expired as he was running out of bounds ball game. 21-21

Both teams decide what the hell we did not come here for this and they lace em right back up and go at it again.

Game 2:

Pitt comes out roling in game 2 with a 3 play td on a long run by Leader Sheffield. Depaul scores on a td pass and Leader does it again with another long run for a td. Depaul is driving and fumbles at the pitt 20 yr line as time expires in the half. 14- 7 Pitt. Depaul gets ball at half and scores and everyone in the standium is thinking will this game ever end.

Pitt turns around and scores on a pass from FR QB Richards to a wide Open Okafor in the endzone. 21-14 Pitt. Pitt thens picks off the ball but can't do anything with it as Depaul D plays strong and Depaul has the ball with 2:30- left. After a slow drive where Pitt makes em dink and dunk again they are at the 35 yrd line of Pitt with a fourth and about 6. Pitt D holds and Pitt gets ball back with 25 seconds left as the Depaul player was held one yard short of the first. Pitt kills the clock and wins their third bowl game in franchise history.

Interseting stat. Depaul ran 31 plays Pitt ran 17.

GG Igal and GL next season.

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Postby averageTSBPlayer » Tue Jan 02, 2007 6:00 am

well, my prediction was that it was going to be close. i guess i couldn't have predicted this though :D
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