Season Opener!

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Season Opener!

Postby TDO » Sat Feb 24, 2007 11:48 pm

game was crap in the first quarter for me. i stop him on downs. i pick run on first play, rb fumbles luckly i pick it back up. next play i hit a wr deep on 2nd and 17 should have been about a 30 yard gain instead fumble, jshaw picks it up. he charges down i pick to end the 1st quarter.

2nd quarter i score he charges and deep pass score before half

7-7 half

3rd quarter same as 2nd


4th quarter i score and he has about 2 min left. he starts going for deep jj's has a missed one the rest are blocked. last play he throws deep, no one but me and him in the distance. he catches it, but i outgrapple him on the spot and time expires.

UGA 21-14

GG jshaw like usual could have went either way. my dbs were good in this one with a couple picks so they get the game ball.
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