National Championship - Puretecmo Bowl

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National Championship - Puretecmo Bowl

Postby BadMoonRison » Sat Jun 02, 2007 4:17 pm

Miami Hurricanes - 14
Holy Cross Crusaders - 21 ... 2&season=7

After winning a National Championship in season 6, the Crusaders never thought they would be standing atop the TCS podium once again, but after season 7 has finished, the Crusaders are champions yet again, etching another mark into the TCS history books.

The Hurricanes and the Crusaders have met twice before in National Championship games, each splitting the series. The Crusaders defeated the Hurricanes 21-10 at this very site 5 seasons ago en route to their first championship and the only undefeated season in TCS history. The Hurricanes enacted their revenge the following season by knocking off the 10-0 Crusaders and their 21 game win streak with a shocking 21-14 upset in the Knobbe Bowl and snagging their first and only title to date.

Under this rich history, the sixth ever Puretecmo Bowl was played and it started off with a bang. Miami chooses to kick and H.C KR Jerry Dylan receives. He returns it well to the 50 yard line, but hovering around the sideline, he fumbles the ball! The ball bounces back infield and Miami recovers. A terrible blunder for the Crusaders to start the game and a fortuitous bounce for the Hurricanes.

The Crusaders D clamps down, forcing a 4th down and 4 from outside their 40 yard line. Instead of kicking the long field goal, the Hurricanes go for it. With the safeties protecting against the QB Dillon Smith scramble, both Miami receivers are open deep. Smith throws a strike to Munoz Award Winner Benny Warner and Miami takes the early lead, 7-0 Hurricanes.

The Crusaders do not relent in their attack however. Once the ball got into the hands of the offense, it was hard to stop them all game long. The Crusaders relied on a few runs from RB Wally McDaniel to get the ball moving. QB Ken Couvillon tried to reach WR Len LaRusso on this drive twice, but both times, LaRusso couldn't make the catch. It was the tight end Travis Barnhill, who caught two passes including the TD score the Crusaders needed to tie the game up at 7-7.

The Hurricanes took the ball at the opening of the second quarter and little did they know that they would not score again until the end of the 4th quarter. After two pitches to RB Lamar Rice and a stuffed run to RB Sidney Gehrig, the Hurricanes were again faced with a 4th down. They converted again, this time on a run to Gehrig. However, the very next play, Smith throws to Gehrig out of the backfield, who appears to be the wrong receiver, and Holy Cross DB Tom Steele picks off the pass. Crusaders take over on the interception.

A short pass to RB Malik Hayes and two runs to RB Wally McDaniel spell a quick touchdown off a turnover that Holy Cross needed to take the lead. 14-7 Crusaders.

More than 2 minutes remain for the Hurricanes to make a dent in the lead. They decide right away that they are going for the big score and the touchdown. After a called play, Smith heaves it up two more times to Benny Warner, one overthrown, the other incomplete in single coverage. On 4th down and seconds to go, the Hurricanes call pass and toss it deep to Warner, who is wide open. Luckily, DB Tom Steele gets back there to defend Warner, who makes the catch, but is tackled immediately at the 10 yard line. It would stay 14-7 at the half.

The Hurricanes receive the ball after halftime and after an injury to KR Conrad Gay, the Hurricanes try to run the offense through RB Sidney Gehrig. A called run, a short run gain, and a called pass screen to Gehrig force the Hurricanes with a 4th and long. The 'Canes punt the ball deep into Crusaders territory to their own 10 yard line.

With RB McDaniel in Bad, Malik Hayes (in Good) takes over backfield duties for the Crusaders. They would need him as QB Couvillon was in Bad too. After a called pass fell incomplete, it brought up second down and the game's most pivotal play. Malik Hayes receives the pitch at his own 10 yard line. He encounters LB Vern Smith (69 HP) five yards out, grapples him, and breaks the tackle. He outruns the defenders and it's off to the races! Malik Hayes scampers 90 yards for the Touchdown score, and quite possibly the longest run in Bowl history. H.C. takes a commanding lead. 21-7 Crusaders.

The Hurricanes are angry now and forced to toss the ball long to get back in the game. But on the first play from scrimmage, Smith tries to hit Warner, but it's intercepted by DB Tom Steele, his second interception of the game. He returns it about 20 yards. It would seemingly make the Hurricanes comeback climb out of reach.

Holy Cross with the ball. After two Couvillon misthrows, he hits Len LaRusso 10 yards out in coverage and picks up the first down going into the 4th quarter. However, the Holy Cross offense is finally stalled on three straight plays (two called) and forced to punt. It was the break the Hurricanes needed to get back in the game.

The Hurricanes still have some fight left in them. With 4 minutes remaining, they relied on the run to get them back into it. They needed all four downs on the first set of downs, and it was the two running plays they called that got them the first down to keep the drive and the hope alive. After that 4th down success (their third of the game), Smith hits Warner deep on a diving catch in double coverage and just like that the Hurricanes are inside the 10 yard line. However, the Crusaders defense went to work, playing against the run. Luckily, the Hurricanes tried to run it in and ran up against a wall. They needed 3 downs, but eventually punched it in with Gehrig with a minute left to close the gap. 21-14 Crusaders.

Hurricanes try the onsides kick, but H.C QB Couvillon recovers. The game is virtually over at this point and after three straight failures to get the first down, Couvillon completes a first down pass to WR Eddie Cobain, playing in his last game, as the clock expires.

Holy Cross Crusaders win 21-14 and are TCS National Champions!

Player of the game: DB Tom Steele- 2 interceptions, 25 yards

gg canes. I knew I had to play my best after losing that opening fumble. Great season to you and congrats on Warner winning the Munoz.
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Postby lightninglarry » Sat Jun 02, 2007 4:41 pm

GG Chaos, you outplayed me in every aspect of the game, and deserve this W. Really wasnt expecting a natl title run this year to start the season, but was very pleased by my teams performance throughout the season. We will retire our first jersey ever in remembering Munoz Winner Warner.

One suggestion i might add, i think we should have a bigger pool of recruits, reason being the bowl teams who lose scholarship players need 2 fill the voids. And maybe its just this season but after the Natl title game, theres like an average of 2 recruits at each position left to fill those holes. Just a suggestion.
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