Round II NTL Semifinal Bengals vs Packers

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Round II NTL Semifinal Bengals vs Packers

Postby lordsummerisle » Thu Aug 30, 2007 2:24 am


Bengals post a second consecutive playoff shutout in this one. LT was ridiculous. O'Brien didn't have his best day but he was effective enough to throw for 3 TDs and no picks. Byner and Bryant each got a couple of key first downs late in the game to drown the clock and preserve the shutout. For the Packers, Thurman had a couple of nice runs but was mostly bottled up in the backfield. Jim Jensen had a very long JJ the play right before the half but was stopped on the 5 yd line to keep it 14-0 Bengals at the half. Ricky Sanders, Vance Johnson, and unheralded Howard Cross all scored TDs for Cincy.

On to the final for the 2nd straight year for me...gonna try to make it three shutouts in a row.

GG Sowa. Still afraid of LT, I take it?

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Postby SOWA1291 » Thu Aug 30, 2007 2:47 am

Got my ass kicked again by LT. He was able to make my run plays worth less again. Maybe its time for me to go with the plays everyone else uses. Also 2 fumbles and an int by kosar on errent throw. Game was a joke. His D destroyed me. I stopped him 3 times but to no avail as his D just broke me down. The two fumbles were killer also. GL the rest the way.

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