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Postby dooolos » Tue Sep 25, 2007 2:48 pm

The bowl cruelly matched up the Michigan Wolverines with the Penn Quackers, the I-AA jokesters that kept the Wolverines from tasting the fruit of a National Championship.

Anyone who watched the Michigan vs. Penn (State) real life matchup on Saturday knew how Wolverines like to devour their prey....slowly....3 painful yards at a time. (And since we have a noodle-armed QB, we have no other choice).

Showing the barrage of 3 yard run highlights here would take too long. There were only two 1st half possessions. Penn scored in about 2 mins. Michigan took the rest of the half, moving the chains Mike Hart-style. 7-7 half.

Michigan received and would crawl down the field for most of the 3rd quarter, eventually punching it in from 3 yards out via FB Vince Helmuth. 14-7 end of 3.

Penn scored back almost instantaneously. 14-14. 4 mins left.

Michigan controlled its final drive, the length of the field, in ugly Big Six fashion, scoring with just seconds remaining.

When the final gun sounded, the Quaker D could not figure out what went wrong. 1st thru 4th down, over and over again, they just bled to death.

Michigan finishes the season rippping off 10 straight wins, finishing 10-1.

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