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Trade Rules

Postby GoBlue » Thu Feb 14, 2008 3:51 am

- Teams may trade up to 3 times, with up to 6 players involved in each side of the trade.

- Trades must be position for position, but what string of that position doesn't matter (i.e. you CAN trade WR1 for WR2, but not TEs for WRs, RBs for DBs, etc...)

QB Vince Young for QB Tony Romo
RB Brian Westbrook for RB Warrick Dunn
This trade is okay because both positions are covered.

QB Vince Young for RB Warrick Dunn
WR Randy Moss for LB Lofa Tatupu
Obviously this trade isn't balanced position wise so it doesn't work.

- Trades must be posted by one owner, confirmed by the next, then approved by 2/3 trade mods (GoBlue, Mike, Ed). If one of us is involved in the trade, E2E or Turd could be substitute mods.

- Please post "trade" somewhere in the topic, so I can tell the difference between posting ads for trades and actual trades.

That should cover it, remember trading ends Wed. Feb. 20 so you have a week!
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