Most Memorable win/Almost win

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Most Memorable win/Almost win

Postby justinpeters51 » Thu Oct 15, 2015 6:53 pm

So i was thinking about this. what is your most memorable win or almost win? Could be live or online.

For me my most memorable win was online against reg the first time. Granted his controller was broke and as a result I was able to outap him. and then the tecmo luck I got that game was unreal.

My most memorable almost was was against Josh at the waterloo tomczak bowl a year or so ago. He was giants and I was Blls... so I was ahead by 3 or something in 3rd or 4th quarter and he was at his own 1 yard line, he had the play rb4 where rb2 goes up the middle. I had the similar pass play called so I knew he was either gonna get his play called on the pass or run up the middle and I could try the dive tackle with Bennett for the safety. So he hiked it, and it was the run play, time for the safety! But of course I didn't time it right and my guy didn't dive until late and i got blow up and he ran for like 40 yards. He ran the clock out to score at literally the last second to win the game. Dang it!

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Re: Most Memorable win/Almost win

Postby kamphuna8 » Thu Oct 15, 2015 7:13 pm

I have 2 almost wins.

Both were in WTF Retro.

First was 1983 Super Bowl. I believe it was the only Retro title game broadcast live (cuz it was the only one I had made). A white knuckler throughout, back and forth. I made an error early I believe but late in the game, my man Tommy Kramer ran a QB bootleg Run 4 for the go ahead score in the 4th quarter. I was totally off on the next drive on the pass/run calls and Regulator scored pretty easily. I think I had one chance for a prayer to Steve Largent but didn't get it even close.

Most memorable loss at the final bell... Same league, 4 seasons later in 1987 I believe. NFC Championship vs Stalltalk's Packers. My backup Hugh Breedlove Millen is in there, with his 38 38 atts, and it was another grinder. I was guaranteed to get Kramer back if I made the Super Bowl. Stally had the most decorated DB of Retro History in Mark Haynes. Somehow, with zero time left, down less than a TD, I drove it down inside the 10. Last play as time is running out, somehow manage to get a pass to a standing open Tony Hill (aged at that time to 44REC) in the end zone, as I passed it I'm ecstatic as I think I got one by Haynes, as the pass gets closer to Tony in the end zone, I'm becoming even more ecstatic, as I'm seeing that YES HAYNES WILL NOT BE THERE!, then as the ball gets there... DOINK. GG GLRW
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Re: Most Memorable win/Almost win

Postby war_machine323 » Thu Oct 15, 2015 7:22 pm

I have two:

1) I have to say my favorite was my ATA s29 playoff game with Daboy. It was a crazy game with me losing my 56MS RB on his first carry (38 MS backup). Game came down to the last 30 seconds so it was exciting. To beat a player of that caliber under the circumstances, it really gave me so much confidence. That win kick started a run for me that i probably wont duplicate again.

I have the vid posted in recaps of ATA

Almost win:
2) Playing Regulator in the past Thunderdome 2015. It was round 1 and he was #1 seed and i think i was the bottom 2 or 3 seed. It was a CIN-KC matchup where he had KC and I was CIN. I had ball first and went 3 and out leading to a quick score for him. it looked like he was going to embarrass me but i was able to keep it close. i think i got a late INT and had the ball inside his 5 yard line down 7 points late in 4Q. he ended up stopping me being the great player he is and won the game. This was like my first 3-4 months into online so losing a close game like that to the best player, was a nice confidence booster.
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Re: Most Memorable win/Almost win

Postby TSBGOD » Thu Oct 15, 2015 8:55 pm

For sure ATA season 19. Super Bowl between Daboys and I when we were at the top of our game. The same season, or season before I broke his 32 straight game winning streak(greatest winning streak in Tecmo history) was also one of my memorable wins. ATA SB 19 is below. Most memorable loss was for sure 1996 CTL SB vs Opus where he got a last second JJ to beat me . CRUSHING DEFEAT!


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Re: Most Memorable win/Almost win

Postby TDO » Sat Oct 17, 2015 3:04 pm

Mine would have to be my first win online. Obviously I'm not a great tecmoer, and there was no TPC. When I started my first league was ATA (then known as TFL) My fifth game was my first win. I can't recall the guy's name I played but he was out of the scene within a few months of me starting. He was up very late in the game something like 10-7 with the ball. Last play of the game he calls a flea flicker (yes it was in his playbook) I called it too (why I have no idea) My drones blitz hit the qb who fumbles as time expires and I house it roughly 60 yards with a slow ass DL for the 14-10 win.

Wasn't a game between two powerhouses, but it was a game with a wild finish for my first online W.
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Re: Most Memorable win/Almost win

Postby Suicideking81 » Sun Oct 18, 2015 6:16 pm

I could go with my only live tournament title but that's too easy.

Mine had to be at my 2nd live tournament in Alabama. The venue was probably the best place to hold a tournament. There was 32 players and about 40-50 other people watching the event. It was the semi final game. It was a horrible game for me in a Dallas/Detroit matchup (I was Detroit). Barry had 3 fumbles which my opponent housed 2 of them. Losing 21-10 in the 4th and I was able to score with about 2 mins left. 21-17 Dallas. I kickoff deep and he runs a couple plays and he faced with 3rd and short, I called his play and force a punt. He pits and I return it to about the 30 yard line. So I have about 70 yards to go with about 20 seconds left. I picked my play and I knew I wanted to go to Robert Clark. I drop back and let the WR streak down the field and I'm thinking I timed it right for a JJ in the endzone, but as the pass approaches the WR I see its short. Clark jumps up and catches it at the 10 with a manned defender right there, its a tap off!!! I was able to out tap him and run in for the score!!! I win 24-21. The crowd behind me erupts which I didn't realize was that big until that point. I went on to lose the final 17-14.

Almost win: Tecmo Texas II, playing BgBoud in the single elimination final 8 bracket. We ended up going into OT. I had a chance to win it regulation but choked and doinked the FG off the up right. We both traded possessions in OT but I threw an INT and that was the end.

Nearly the same thing happened at Midwest in 2013 when I almost beat Toolie after being down 10-0 at the half and him receiving the 2nd half kick I forced OT with a late TD to tie it 17-17. I received the ball and was driving down and I was trying to dupe Toolie into covering short and it worked but I cycled a bit too fast and mistapped to the wrong WR and threw short into coverage and it got INT'd. He scored a few plays later. Matchup was WAS/MIN I was WAS. This game was on the live stream and can probably be watched if its still available.
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Re: Most Memorable win/Almost win

Postby tecmoaddict » Sun Oct 18, 2015 9:44 pm

I'd have to say NTA season 2 title game vs Ones. He's a better player & had the better all around team (he destroyed my in both regular season games), but I played just good enough on defense & had a chance on the last drive. Ended up throwing one up & going to Sterling on a big gain to set up the GW TD.
Toughest loss would have to be to Reg in ATA championship. I knew I had 0% chance to win it, but always tough to lose a game that has so much hype. Had an early lead, but he outplayed (and outtapped) me like he does to so many others and knew I couldn't keep.
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