NYG 14 - K.C. 0

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NYG 14 - K.C. 0

Postby BrEaD » Sat Jan 31, 2009 1:11 am

Giants deliver their third shut out of the season, with a 14-0 win vs. the Chiefs, the only other team to beat the Cowboys.

Sois gets P2 in the rain :mrgreen: , but ironically, it didn't affect much, we both had like one QB slip each.

Anyways, Giants get the ball. First play of the game, Jacobs runs for a 40 yard gain. Favre throws a quick screen to him on the next play also, but guess what happend..... Anyways, Chiefs have the ball at the about the 50, but couldn't get it in FG range, and was forced to punt. Giants drive 80 yards on a mix of passes and runs, and score on a 5 yard Jacobs run, to give the Giants the lead 7-0. Chiefs start to drive it, but is again forced to punt it, but this time pins it at about the 9 yard line. However the Giants keep going at it, and converted a 4 and 1 on the 40 yard line. Eventually, Favre hit Jacobs on a short pass, right in between Sois and another defender, however neither of their auto dives touch Jacobs, and he takes it in on a 19 yard touchdown reception, with 7 seconds left in the half. 14-0. Chiefs try a halftime hail mary, but gets sacked as the half ends. 14-0 remains.

Second half was again dominated by the Giants, forcing another punt, and an interception for Hobbs' first int of the season. Eventually Giants have the ball in FG range with about 3:00 left in the 4th qtr, but Favre throws it to the wrong guy (as usual) and it gets intercepted. Chiefs try a comeback, but it's a wrap for the Giants, as Sanders get his 6th interception of the season, in the endzone with a about a minute left. Giants win, 14-0.

GG and GL.

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