BSTARS 2016 - Draft order and info

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BSTARS 2016 - Draft order and info

Postby storksdaman » Sat Mar 12, 2016 3:35 am

-The draft will be rolling throughout the weekend and I'm hoping that if we all stay on it then there will be no need to put a clock on it.

-We are doing snake format for a full 18 rounds.

-Each team must draft at least one player from each position as well as 2 starters, 3 relievers and 5 bench players.

-If the draft does move to a timed format then I will assign each owner a time slot and missed picks will be skipped.

You may make your assigned pick after
A) Every pick in front of you has already been made
B) Your assigned time arrives.

If someone misses their pick, then you have to wait until your assigned time to make your pick. So if an owner missed his pick at 11:00AM, then the next guy in line may make his pick at his assigned 11:30AM draft slot. Once the 11:30 slot picks then the next man still has to wait until his 12 noon slot to make his pick. If the skipped owner then shows up and makes his pick at say 11:47AM then the 12 noon slot is free to immediately after.

At the end of each round of drafting the commish will auto pick for the missed picks. I will pick a team need, but I won't be doing a ton of thinking about what you need and don't need. Miss your picks and face the consequences!

The Draft order is as follows:

Tokyo Robins JAPANROBINS - BroadwayTavo

Fresno Monsters GHASTLYMONSTERS - Ngunn421

Lexington Ladies LOVELYLADIES - Jared

Portland Blacksox NINJABLACKSOX - Drake


Flint Crushers SNKCRUSHERS - Lucky

DeKalb Dreams AMERICANDREAMS - Storks

Makiki Warriors BRAVEWARRIORS - Kamphuna

****The players batting stances and pitching styles are listed below****

Pitching Style:

0- 3/4 overhand
1- over the top
2 - side-winder
3- underhand softball
4- sidearm chick

Batting Style:

0- medium crouch
1- short crouch
2- tall
3- tall chick
4- bent over chick

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